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It is approaching November and on the 22nd will be the anniversary of JFK's assassination.  There have, and will (most likely) be people who subscribe to conspiracy theories regarding the shooting, and murder, of Kennedy.   After viewing countless numbers of programs and documentaries I am fully convinced that there was only one shooter that Killed and shot Kennedy that fateful day, in Dallas, and that was Lee Harvey Oswald.  I believe he could have, and did, fire the three accounted for shots including the first bullet that never was accounted for until recently.  

What I further believe though is that Oswald was killed to silence him and that while I believe Oswald fired all three of the shots, including the two that hit Kennedy, I fully believe that the force or person behind the killing was a mafia boss named Carlos Marcello, boss of the New Orleans Crime family.  

Carlos Marcello behind the assassination

I think there is enough evidence known, today, to indicate Carlos Marcello for, potentially, several reasons was behind lining up Oswald to perform the act.  So while I believe Lee Harvey Oswald did fire all the fatal shots I fully believe Carlos Marcello, along with potential others, was the force behind it happening and it wouldn't have happened (at least then) without his influence.  I also fully believe that Jack Ruby was hired to shut Oswald up and he did just that.  Were there others that wanted Kennedy dead?  I am sure there were including Castro and potentially Russia or other Mafia bosses and quite possibly others but of the list I believe Carlos Marcello achieved that goal, and got away with it, using Lee Harvey Oswald as his tool of destruction.

For a real conspiracy though and involving certainly more than one shooter/assassin is the murder/assassination of Robert Kennedy, years later.  I believe there is enough evidence to indicate that Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the fatal shot and was mainly a diversion to allow the real assassin to accomplish the deed.   

I will not post links as when I double checked the links I found they led to paywalls and sites demanding $1.00 or other payment to keep reading but I have viewed some documentaries that even indicate that Robert's son is now convinced that Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the shots that killed his dad.  I do believe Sirhan Sirhan attempted to kill Robert Kennedy but I believe there is enough evidence to indicate he didn't fire the shots that actually killed him.  As for who was behind it, that could be many different people and unlike his brother's assassination, where Carlos Marcello is thought to be the catalyst of the killing, I don't think there has ever been as clear an indication of who was actually behind it.  I further believe that like John Kennedy there was a long list of potential candidates that would have liked to see him killed.  

Some of history's mysteries may never be solved but I do believe the killings of President Kennedy and even of Jimmy Hoffa has enough circumstantial evidence to indicate why and who killed them and even though Hoffa will never be found I fully believe the report that he was cremated in a Mafia-affiliated funeral home and then disposed of afterward.

I chose to post under miscellanious instead of news because after this long it is just not news anymore.  Speculation, rumor, or whatever ... but not news.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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