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More push back please!

A parent, with the help of an attorney, is demanding that the school board in Palm Beach County, Fla., remove links to Black Lives Matter material on the school district’s website because the organization’s stated claim of “structural racism” is “antithetical to those of the district and the student body.”

In recent weeks, parents around the country have been pushing back on their local school boards after they adopted controversial “critical race theory” curriculum and language. That includes Palm Beach County, where last week parents showed up to a meeting expressing anger and frustration at the school board’s adoption of a mission statement that sought to purge alleged “white advantage.”

The letter, dated May 24, is from attorney Daniel B. Rosenthal on behalf of his client, Bryan Rudnick, who has a student attending school in the district. It was addressed to the school district’s attorney, Shawntoyia Bernard, and copies were directed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida and the Florida state attorney’s office in West Palm Beach.

BizPac Review obtained a copy of the letter late Monday.

Rosenthal writes that the link in question refers to BLM’s “educational content that discusses structural racism,” which is defined as “a system in which public policies, institutional practices, cultural representations, and other norms work in various, often reinforcing ways to perpetuate racial group inequity.”

“It has come about as a result of the way that historically accumulated white privilege, national values, and contemporary culture have interacted so as to preserve the gaps between white Americans and Americans of color,” says the letter, further citing BLM’s materials.

“BLM’s stated positions and values and the theory of ‘structural racism’ are antithetical to those of the District and its student body,” Rosenthal wrote. “Indeed, Governor DeSantis recently announced that the ‘Florida civics curriculum will incorporate foundational concepts with the best materials, and it will expressly exclude unsanctioned narratives like critical race theory and other unsubstantiated theories.'”

The attorney went on to point out that BLM’s founders have described themselves as “trained Marxists,” while one affiliate for the organization has sought a “progressive restructuring of tax codes at the local, state and federal levels to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth.” Rosenthal noted further that BLM “heralded” the “Marxist dictatorship” of Venezuela, a partner group called for the “abolition of police and all prisons,” and BLM itself has demanded that drug offenses and prostitution be decriminalized and that anyone convicted for such an office be released and have their records expunged.

“These policies — decriminalization of prostitution, release of convicted drug felons, abolition of police or prisons, and Marxism – are contrary to the educational principles of the District,” he wrote.

The letter also noted that BLM has shunned the Western nuclear family, which also runs afoul of the district’s “educational principles.”

“Over the course of the past year, BLM has fostered violence throughout the country that has led to injuries and deaths of civilians and police, caused billions of dollars of damage and destroyed businesses,” Rosenthal also wrote.

Rosenthal also stated that BLM has offered public support for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has made highly controversial anti-Semitic statements in the past such as calling Jews “termites,” and that the group opposes U.S. military support of Israel.

“Most recently, BLM, through an official Twitter account, tweeted its support for Palestinians, led by Hamas terrorists who have fired nearly 4,000 rockets at Israel,” Rosenthal noted, adding: “On behalf of Mr. Rudnick, I hereby request that all links and references to BLM be removed from the District’s website and any school curriculum.”

Allowing that someone at the school district may have unwittingly posted the link to BLM, Rosenthal wrote that “the District will excise all its endorsements of, or links to, BLM immediately.”

“Should this be incorrect, please note that the endorsement or apparent support of a patently anti-Semitic organization as BLM violates the civil rights of Mr. Rudnick and all Jewish students in the District,” he added.

“Social justice is critical. However, there is an alternative to teaching and endorsing destruction of America and its values, denigration of police, incitement to racial division and rank anti-Semitism,” the letter says, adding that the district should notify Rosenthal when the link is removed.

“The Palm Beach County School board needs to pay less attention to politics and more attention to the children,” said Jack Furnari, a national columnist and founder of BizPac Review. Furnari is also a resident and long-time political strategist in the county.  “They’re supposed to assist in educating children not politically indoctrinate them.”

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Teachers in Portland’s public schools are propagandizing children into hating their country while also encouraging them to become “race-conscious revolutionaries” who will grow up to support political ideologies antithetical to the founding principles of constitutional republicanism, investigative journalist Chris Rufo told Fox News Monday night.

In an interview with host Laura Ingraham, Rufo discussed a piece he wrote for City Journal titled “The Child Soldiers of Portland,” in which he described curriculum discovered within Portland and surrounding public schools that essentially trains students in the elementary grades to grow up to be lifelong left-wing radicals.

Rufo, in his piece, notes that while Portland has been nicknamed “the whitest city in America,” its residents and city leaders have, over the past few years, increasingly adopted measures aimed at pushing back against alleged “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.” He also noted that the city’s public schools have adopted “a program of political education for their students that borders on propaganda” aimed at transforming them into “child soldiers” who reject America’s founding as inherently racist and who will embrace a Marxist ‘revolutionary’ ideology.

“This is not hyperbole: some of the most active and violent anarchist groups in Portland are run by teenagers, and dozens of minors were arrested during last year’s riots. These groups have taken up the mantle of climate change, anticapitalism, antifascism, and Black Lives Matter—whatever provides a pretext for violent ‘direct action,'” he wrote.


Before bringing in Rufo, Ingraham played a clip of youths in Portland last year chasing down a man and knocking him out cold on the street. One of the youths, whom the host said was 14 years old, kicked the man in the head after he had fallen to the pavement.

Asked to respond, Rufo acknowledged Ingraham’s point that Portland has historically been a very liberal city but noted that the ideology being taught to kids is spreading around the country. He also pointed out that during last year’s numerous Antifa- and Black Lives Matter-related protests, many of the violent rioters who were arrested were students and teachers at the local schools.

“Some of these teachers, despite being arrested for violent riots, are still employed by the district. They’ve doubled and tripled down on revolutionary rhetoric, and that’s exactly what they’re pushing to the youngest people in our society,” Rufo said.

Ingraham went on to mention a Portland public school project called “TechSmart” that is supposedly designed to improve literacy, but which has become just another vehicle to push radical leftist ideals to the youngest students K-5th grade.

She then played a video clip Rufo obtained of a young teacher who appears to be indoctrinating her students, telling them they’ve “trained for this moment” to participate in protests against alleged “injustice.”

“Now is the time to show that you will fight for justice,” the unnamed female teacher says.

A flabbergasted Ingraham went on to ask Rufo what the teacher was saying had to do with “improving literacy.”

The journalist responded by noting that the real objective of the teacher’s lessons is to push Marxism and radicalize her young charges.

“Keep in mind she is speaking to elementary school students, telling them that they need to become justice fighters, telling them that they need to get out into the streets and fight along with the protesters in Portland,” he added.

Rufo went on to note that in the same school, “minority teachers” were permitted “to berate white teachers for 90 seconds in a kind of display of public apology for their whiteness.”

“These are the kinds of things that are happening within the institutions,” he added. “If it’s not in your school district now, they’re pushing to put it everywhere in the coming years.”

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