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A Pennsylvania state representative is under scrutiny after video was posted to social media seeming to show him harassing bartenders at a local restaurant.

State Rep. Kevin Boyle, a Democrat representing part of Philadelphia County, is under investigation after a video taken at Gaul and Co. Malt House in Rockledge Township, Pa., appeared to show him arguing with bartenders and threatening to shut down the bar.

"I can end this bar by the way," the subject identified as Boyle said in the video posted to social media. "I’ll end this bar."

"This bar is done. Do you know who I am?" he continued. "The bar is done tomorrow. Do you know who I am? This bar is done!"

The Montgomery County Chief of Police told reporters that law enforcement officers arrived at the restaurant around 12:18 a.m. on Thursday following a 911 call from the bartender.

Boyle has not been charged with any crime and police say there is no evidence of him getting into a vehicle following the altercation.

Stephen Kinsey, Thomas Caltagirone, and Kevin Boyle seen from left to right during a Pennsylvania assembly hearing
Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle, pictured on the far right in the background, looks on during a joint House Democratic Policy Committee and Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus public hearing on affordable housing.

Pennsylvania House Democratic Leadership released a statement following the incident.

"We are aware of video circulating on social media. It is very troubling. Rep. Boyle has been open about his personal challenges. We are encouraged that our colleague and dear friend is seeking help," the statement said. According to local outlets, the statement added, "Our commitment to delivering mental health services does not stop at the Capitol Steps. One of the main reasons we advocate so strongly for mental health access is the reality that challenges can and do happen to anyone, and seeking treatment should be encouraged, not stigmatized."

Police say that they are investigating the "threats" made by Boyle in the video. Boyle has yet to issue a public statement on the alleged outburst.

Original article source: Pennsylvania Democrat caught on video threatening to shut down bar, berating staff for kicking him out

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