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China is the first country to ban plastic bags,clames it will save 37 million barrels of oil. San Francisco's ban saves 5 million bags a month. I was in Hong Kong last weekend and they have already started, went to gro. store and had a choice,pay .50 cents per bag or buy a cloth bag that can be used over and over. Cloth bag was only $2... Get ready fokes it won't be long, unless the plastic bag industry had friends in D.C.....
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I'm all for the plastic bag ban.

There is not a fence around here that is not garlanded with tattered plastic bags. They are THE biggest litter problem there is.

As a society, we have been irresponsible with them. We do not recycle them, and we let them go free into the environment, where they last for years.

Not too soon for me.

Originally posted by TheTotalTruth:
Originally posted by jesspow:
Walmart also has (or used to have) a recycle bin by the front door to return your plastic bags. I'm not sure if they do or not anymore. But their cloths bags looked small.

Recycle?..... probably for second use so they dont have to buy more......

Probably they are melted down, and the plastic is re-used. Could wind up in more bags, carpet, coke bottles, or whatever. Takes a lot less energy to recycle. Especially true with aluminum cans.

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