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A USA Today/Ipsos poll revealed Thursday that 77 percent of Americans want additional police officers, as Democrats move to defund law enforcement while crime surges nationwide.

“In the survey, 7 in 10 supported increasing police department budgets; 77% said they would like additional police officers deployed on street patrols. And 62% also said some of the police budgets should be used to fund community policing,” the poll revealed.

Seventy percent also said they want an increase in police budgets.

The demand for an increase of police officers and police budgets comes as Democrats have defunded the police in major cities including:

4. Baltimore

5. Los Angeles

6. Minneapolis

7. Seattle

8. Portland, Oregon

Meanwhile, crime is surging across the nation.

Breitbart News reported June 23 that homicides have increased 58 percent in Democrat-run Atlanta, 533 percent in Democrat-run Portland, and 37 percent in Democrat-run Philadelphia. Shootings are up 54 percent in Democrat-run New York City, 51 percent in Democrat-run Los Angeles, and 18 percent in Democrat-run Chicago.

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.

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most the population knows how to correct the crime challenge. stop letting criminals out of jail. stop letting juveniles be repeat guest in court.  stop supporting criminals that are on drugs and resisting arrest.  Every criminal out there know that police can't shoot them when they are running away, so why not try to escape?  stop crying about what happens to a thug.   

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