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Okay it was in a supposedly private conversation but when the Pope speaks surely he speaks for the Catholic church and what with all the cases of Priest molestation being reported maybe that had something to do with his remark.

Disclaimer - I'm not Roman Catholic, even though I did attend a Catholic High School so I became acquainted with Roman Catholicism early.

Pope Francis reportedly told a Gay man OK to be gay - G-d made you that way

Okay there were many Catholics distraught and upset over Pope Francis declaring, again in a private conversation with an Atheist friend, that there is no hell or that the atheist friend would not risk hell for his beliefs.  Now, again in a private conversation with a Gay man is reported to have told him "it's okay to be Gay because G-d made him that way".  I'm wondering how the Vatican is going to play this one off?  I'm also wondering if there are many Roman Catholic folks that are concerned about what things the Pope is saying and just what he believes?  

I don't go around listening to what the Pope says and unless it makes the news then I doubt I would hear it but sometimes I get the idea that this Pope considers "Man Made" Global warming more a sin than many of the sins recorded in Scriptures.  Now I'm wondering what is the Pope's justification (from Scripture) for believing that it's ok to be Gay?  I know it's not from the first chapter of Romans (Romans 1) or from the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah so maybe it's in one of the books that the Catholic Bible has that the Protestant Bible doesn't.

If Pope Francis isn't careful there's likely to be another Martin Luther pop up and pen some more arguments to the Vatican's door/wall.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Not a practicing Catholic but I think the Pope is a human being and is trying to make the world a better place. Maybe his personal opinions are swaying what he believes about the church and it's teachings. The Catholic church used to torture and kill people who didn't believe the churches teachings, I'm sure they justified it with something out of the bible. At some point someone said hey, you can't do that. In fact, in seems like anyone can justify any type of behavior by using the bible to back them up.  Turn the other cheek or an eye for an eye - which is it? So the Pope at that time would have had to agree to stop torturing and killing non believers.

The fact that so many people have left the church shows that it not fulfilling their needs in this day and age. Although the church prohibited birth control it just doesn't make sense to over populate this earth. This is an age where gays are out and more people are accepting the fact that they have to share the earth with them reguardless of their religious beliefs. 

About hell, I thought the bible didn't mention the word hell. Maybe the bible writers were just trying to scare people into their beliefs by telling them there was a lake of fire waiting for them if they didn't believe what they wrote. You have your reward for believing what they wrote - heaven or a punishment for not following their teachings - hell. Maybe this Pope doesn't believe there is a hell.

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