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Formerly, many moons ago...

Beretta 9mm high cap mag (preban), JHP, configuration 1 - round in barrel, hammer cocked, safety on

Literally everywhere I went... church, work, store, everywhere.

It's a spooky, freaky kind of weird knowing the power of death is at one's hands.

No longer.

Now, the power of life!

I do, however, know a nurse practitioner whom carries.

She's concerned someone might attack her because of what she does and where she works part-time.
Shoals Lover:

Can't do that Condition 1 you describe with a Beretta M92FS/M9. I happen to own a Beretta M92FS made in Italy, and have owned it for 10 years. Plus, have experience with issue M9 as it was my issue weapon while a battery commander in 3ID. Additionally, I own two Colt M1911A1 type of handguns (one is a WW2 made and issue M1911A1, other is my carry gun, a Mark-IV, Series 70).

Beretta M92FS/M9 is double action. The safety is dual safety/hammer decocker. If you c-ock the hammer, and then engage the safety, the mechanism drops the hammer safely even with a round in the chamber. Now, with M1911 series or most any single action semi auto for that matter, you can carry cocked and locked (Condition 1), as they do not have a decocker.
My wife and I both carry. We have floor safes in our cars since we work in Fed Buildings a good bit. I have taught my wife, mother and sister how to handle a gun (notice I didnt say shoot) and have to say ladies can hold their own at the range. Alabama is a great place to get a CC permit, and recropricates in at least 17 states, I dont understand why we cant carry in LA on an AL permit. Brenten you surely dont have a permit in KS do you? That is my old stomping ground and KS and MO are pretty much against CC. I think that the CC program is a crime defuser, do a little research on Kenesaw GA. I also relate it to a motorcycle event I attend frequently in South Dakota, you see some of the worst people we have to offer, but very few problems. I think it is because everyone assumes that there are some bad dudes there and just wont start anything. SL, doesnt your job put the power of death (or life) in your hands?
I have a gun...had it the entire 45 seconds that my wife, son, and I were being was inside my car about 4 feet away...I ask you.."If you had it strapped to your waist, and two men approached you, your wife, and your son, and demanded your money...would you draw your gun and start firing?"...My question.."When do you suppose that gun will do you some good?
There is a time to use deadly force. I don't think as long as my or more important my familys life was in danger or would be put in more danger that I would have used a weapon in the instance you stated. HOWEVER, what if they had tried to take your wife and son from you? I think that would be a very different story.
Very Cool, I travel to MO quite a bit and didnt realize they were a reciprocity state, says they have been since 2/27/04, I wonder why the back of my permit or the handout they pass out in Florence didnt mention them. Good for KS, I am there quite a bit also!
Originally posted by Brentenman:

I have Alabama and South Carolina CCW Permits.

The Alabama permit allows me to carry in Missouri (which, looking out the window of my classroom, is only 1/4 mile away).

Kansas has a CCW permit program that begins on 1 Jan 2007. The Kansas state legislature overrode the anti-gun governor's veto of it.
"SL, doesnt your job put the power of death (or life) in your hands?"
Heub, yes, your point is well taken, and I could have clarified that a wee bit better.

In one instance, as you can imagine, the power of death was near hand, while in the other, the power (and will to) give life is at hand.

You know, ain't nothin' better'n life!

(We were made to live forever, you know! Ah'm a-looking forward to that new Heaven and new Earth, where the Son provides light!)
I hope to never have to use a firearm against a human, but I am virtually never without a gun. Many, many years ago, I decided that I could shoot if I had to. I've also had the bad fortune to have to see what can happen when you don't have the capability of defending yourself.

My wife has a permit, and carries daily. Both my kids own firearms. All of us know how to use them, and shoot regularly.
The back of the Alabama pistol permit has states reciprocity list on the back. Mine was renewed in July 2006 when I last visited.

The states that recognize a valid Alabama pistol permit are:

Alaska (no permit required to carry concealed)
New Hampshire
North Carolina
North Dakota

Not listed, but another state with no permit required to carry concealed is Vermont.

See for further CCW states and information.

States/Cities that do not allow carrying of anything, 9/10 guns banned there, or have permit laws but EXTREMELY RARELY issued are:

People's Republik of Kalifornia/Commiefornia (California)
Chicagograd (Chicago)
Washington, D.C.
New York City
to name a few...

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