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Biden's Slogan, "Build Back Better" with Debt verus "Make America Great Again", Trumps accomplishments. Biden Reversed all Trumps items of importance, such as, polices promoting fuel independence, improving economy favoring atmosphere for low mortgage rates, rectifying foreign Trade imbalances, personal sense of well being, list of accomplishments go on & on. As Biden removed some of Trumps enactments that actually improved our countries financial stability. Biden Democrat policies have really dealt us all a blow we began experiencing  when we all started realizing the rising prices in stores across the board last August & September 2021. Inflated price increases popping up, Fed & Democrat talking points began saying its only Transitory Inflation, will be over by Dec. 2021. I knew that was a fib. They pulled that slogan out of their *** so as not to Shock the Public with one of the Nastiest Economic Words - "Inflation", and next is "Recession". We are headed to recession, Feds a bit slow to see it develop. But it will. May have to increase fed lending rate an additional 1% next few consecutive months to get everyone's attention and halt spending by Joe Blow and Businesses.

History will be pointing to this time period as "Bidens High Inflation and Harsh Recession Economy". Fed would love a Soft landing, but I also hate seeing the long term damage it does when it's stretched out over a couple of years of increasing Fed Rates. Time will tell. Who knows, maybe bank CD's may come back in favor instead of investing in the Market. As 1 year CD's get closer to 3% more money will shift out of stocks for safety & stability. Just saw a 1 year CD paying 2.26%. Most others at 1.4 - 1.75%. (online banks/C.Unions)

These next few years will be painful in the pocket book if your only income is Social Security. Inflation will erode your spending power. I don't see S.S. raise of 15% to keep up with Real Inflation.

BTW; Is Biden still planning to have the US tax payers pay for the first $50K, in student loan debt? What a guy, how desperate is this guy for votes? Buying Student Loan boost his approval numbers at tax payer expense.

We all are going to be in for a Rough Ride getting through the "Biden Years"!!

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