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"legally fighting corruption" they say.  Nah, trying to keep himself and family of out prison.

President Trump has discussed possibility of pardons for family members, sources say

President Donald Trump has been discussing the possibility of issuing pardons for his family members and some close associates, multiple sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.

One source said the conversations in recent days were within the context of a president who feels embattled, and not because Trump believes he or any of his family members had done anything illegal.

The New York Times first reported the discussions and said Trump had spoken about whether to grant pre-emptive pardons for his three eldest children, Eric and Donald Jr., and White House advisor Ivanka Trump. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and attorney Rudy Giuliani were also mentioned.

Support Democracy. This might be the dumbest country on earth...

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Trump’s post-election cash grab floods funds to new PAC

President Donald Trump has been on a relentless, misleading and highly lucrative fundraising drive since losing reelection, telling supporters that they can help overturn the results if they donate while directing the bulk of the cash to his newest political group instead of the entities fighting in court.

The Trump campaign announced Thursday evening that the president’s fundraising operation raised $207.5 million since Election Day, parts of which were detailed in campaign finance reports filed later Thursday night. It’s a remarkable sum for a post-election period, usually the time when campaigns wind down.

Trump has ginned up much of that money with alarmist fundraising pitches multiple times a day, pleading for help. “We MUST defend the Election from the Left!” one text signed by Trump and sent on Wednesday read. “I've activated a 1000% offer for 1 HOUR to put America FIRST. Step up & act NOW.”

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