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Mainstream media, editorials and democrats are saying we need to keep our promise to DACA?   Who's promise?  Not most the nations.  Plus I keep hearing in mainstream media that we need immigration.  Why? we have a large percentage of our country on welfare, food stamps, unemployment etc.  We face over population in several areas of our country. 

The media promotes that DACA illegals are educated, have jobs, are in the military etc.   True however many are not educated, do not have jobs and are not in the military.  

There are video clips of pert neer every democrat elected at some point saying we need to stop illegals.  Bill Clinton, Obama,  and many other have made speeches about closing the borders.

What Changed?  Votes did, the democrats realized that illegals are poor and poor vote democrat.  Simple as that.

For forty years the wall has been of subject, let us build it then man it with military

Sad democrats are threating to close the government.  They are picking non-citizens over citizens.  Government employees will support it, since when it is all over congress will vote to pay them anyway. Essentially giving them another paid holiday.

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