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I have driven this road many times when I lived in the area, and one cannot imagine how bad it is unless he has traveled it. I understand the county would take over the L-shaped road if the owner would repair it first. So far, no one has done anything productive. I'm glad WAFF chose to feature it.
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Then maybe the complaints should go to the County Commission board? Who has the power to "take over" private roads and maintain them? Is this a local issue? Usually you can get things done locally faster than having to go through the state.

I didn't mean to come down hard on the business owner, sorry that it came out that way. Smiler
This road was built not to save lives or offer a convenient short cut -- it was built as a commercial venture. The owner built the small strip shopping center at the corner of 101 and Putman. I'm sure he hoped for rapid development of the entire stretch--which didn't happen.

He sold the lot on the other side of 101/Putman, and please don't ask me to comment on the condition of it under its present owner! The intersection of 101 and 72 has a traffic light with four turn lanes, so other than time, I doubt much else is saved if one uses Putman.

Since the road is private, I'm sure the owner could be sued under the right circumstances. If I were he, I would be out there myself with some gravel and asphalt every day until the road was drivable.
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I don't think that would hold up in court. If that's true, why is this person still trying to get the county to take it over?

I live between Elgin and Lexington and remember when the road was built. The county told the owner if he would build it up to code they would take it over in two years. He didn't build it right and has never made it right.
If I'm the property owners on either side, I would be angry - obviously they bought the property with the expectation that the road would be maintained.

At the very least, the owner should have to post a sign that the road is private property and that you use it at your own risk.

I can see being upset at turning onto the road the first time and hitting pot holes that aren't visible. I can even see seeking reimbursement for damages. Second time - "shame on me".

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