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I know a while back the family that owned and operated Stagg's Grocery (Hamburger) Restaurant, sold out to some of their employees and the employees continued to operate it but what I'm wondering is, for those that eat there still/often, HOW IS IT with the new ownership?

I keep wanting to go back and try one of their burgers and I do miss eating there but it just seems when I think about it I'm not near or when I'm near it's not time to eat or they aren't open or I'm not hungry.   I never have eaten there for breakfast but heard that they do a great job serving Breakfast but what I'm most curious about is how the Burger's are these days?    

Have they kept up the same quality and taste?  

Thanks in advance for all those who contribute an answer.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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I went there about a year ago. It was ok, I can't figure out how so many people rave over it? It must be that it reminds a certain group of people of a past time, I don't know. At any rate, I went there and bought lunch for a couple employees, when I paid for it the cashier put all my change in the tip jar with no indication from me to do so. I will gladly give a tip, but I don't think it is right for the cashier to make that decision for me.  Needles to say, I haven't been back.

Wow, what a move ... placing the change in the tip jar!

I think a lot of their following is the same ole customers that patronized it under the old owners.  The times I've eaten there I thought it was good and I really loved the crinkle cut fries but as for the burgers, I thought Five Guys provided a better product.

gbrk posted:

Thanks so much, Monkey'UnclebyMarriage because I did love it so I'll have to go back.  Hopefully, I'll be able to find a parking place.  I do, though, miss the Vacuum store but understand why it didn't make it with so much competition, like from Amazon.

Parking is even worse now as they are tearing up the street for the roundabout project and yeah it sucks about house of vacuums but at least with the passage of the marketplace fairness act our cities are now getting tax money from amazon  

I'd forgotten about the plans for a roundabout at that location.  I knew, at one time, they were looking into trying to work one out in the Seven Points area and I kept thinking that would be one total cluster-flop (yeah I do know that's suppose to be another word).  I know there are some places where a roundabout improves things but, in a town like Florence, it's just liable to confuse more people.  The place that I have found a roundabout did the most improvement was right before the Bachman Tubes (one of the Tunnels) in Chattanooga, TN.  Chattanooga put a roundabout on the Chattanooga side of the Tunnel's entrance/exit where there were two roads leading to the tunnels and it actually greatly improved a place where traffic was always jammed up and very dangerous to navigate.  

When people know how to navigate a roundabout they help traffic flow but throw one driver that is very timid and scared in the mix and it can make it real interesting.

1130 posted:

haha on firemen raise,,,, facts  firemen have better retirement than teachers,,, spend most their time laying around,, while police are understaffed and out on patrol all the time.   I dislike roundabouts,, however that intersection is possibly a good place for one

I can certainly get on the bandwagon regarding getting Police more benefits and pay.  Regarding a roundabout, I do believe that the Seven Points intersection would benefit far more than the one at Sweetwater but given the design and current buildings around Seven Points it's just too tight and would be much more difficult getting one in there.

Thanks to all of the members who contributed an answer to my Staggs question.  I finally got around to revisiting Staggs and while I will admit it was good I have to concede that I believe that "Five Guys's" has them beat and thankfully Five Guys is open for dinner and open on weekends.  

When I visited Staggs Grocery though, for lunch, it was what should have been prime lunch time but surprisingly the lunch crowd was anything but.  By that I mean it wasn't a crowd and in fact there was plenty of open seating and the number of patrons was down from what I remember it being years ago.  I will say that the crinkle cut fries were very good and the Coke was very strong and tasty but I'm not a big fan of the Hamburger/Cheeseburger even though it was (as I like it) prepared from fresh, not frozen, meat and prepared when ordered.  It could be that the reduced crowd was due to the construction in the area because with the road closed and work going on the buildings in the area some people may be put off and decide not to go to the extra trouble of getting to Staggs.  

As for the other two restaurants, in the area, it seems that "Rays at the Bank" is a tablecloth formal type restaurant and Seasons, a more meat and three type Southern cooking I can't comment on either as I have not tried either one.  Still I'm very glad that the area is seeing a revival and I hope that the three restaurants that are there now and the one that is to come will all thrive and do well.

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