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This is why it's dumb for people to treat their political party as their "identity".

if it doesn't fit the gop party narrative, you can't have it.

Missouri governor drops voter-approved Medicaid expansion

Parson had opposed Medicaid expansion at the ballot box, but he said he would uphold the will of voters and so included $1.9 billion in federal and state funding for it in the budget he proposed to lawmakers earlier this year.

Mississippi justices toss voter-backed marijuana initiative


The Mississippi Supreme Court today killed the medical-marijuana program that 68% of Mississippi voters approved in 2020, and with it, the state’s entire ballot-initiative process. The ruling means that voter-driven efforts to adopt early voting and expand Medicaid in the state are also now dead.

‘We are moving Alabama with the times.’: Gov. Kay Ivey signs direct wine shipment bill

Support Democracy. This might be the dumbest country on earth...

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