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not ghost bridge, this one was a one lane bridge and had wood where you drove.

i was talking to someone about that bridge and was told the state moved it to some city in south alabama. does anyone know where it was moved to?

coming under the new bridge that was built in it's spot reminded me how cool the other one was. it had a lot of history and character.
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Originally posted by semiannualchick:
There has to be a story behind the name Ghost Bridge. Anyone know?

Here is a little info. I also think some of the slaves from the plantation house were rumored to have been hung on the bridge.

Named Ghost Bridge by locals, it is said to have been the site for several lynchings and four murders. Strange lights and apparitions have been reported over the years even by horse and buggy passer-bys. The bridge is closed to vehicles, but the structure is still quite sound and has been saved by the Historical Society.

Cypress Creek Bridge "Ghost Bridge"
i remember that bridge, nola. i haven't been back that way in a long time.... how long has it been gone?

the one on the road that wildwood park is on has been down for several years. ghost bridge is still there but blocked by a mound of dirt in the road that leads down to it.

here's some pics i took of ghost bridge several weeks ago...

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