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Mostly I believe it's pandering to get the minority vote or as much of it as possible but I believe it's a horrible idea that would not only create such racial hatred but would inflame the anger of many who I believe don't have anger at the moment.

For one the whole idea of Reparations is an insult to the families of those Americans who fought for and died for the North in the Civil War.  These are families which lost fathers, brothers, and sons to, in the end, secure freedom for the slaves.  I don't believe that the intent, initially, was freeing the slaves but that became a part of it before the war's end and those who died and the families that were affected are now in the position to be insulted because they would not achieve compensation for the loss/deaths of their loved ones.  Slavery was a dark and terrible period of American History but slavery was tolerated and in part was promoted by minorities themselves, from Africa, who raided various tribes and groups to secure and enslave those that were in turn sent to America.

Awarding reparations could and most likely would reward some of the very people's descendants who were responsible for slavery in the first place by providing slaves/labor for purchase by Southern land owners.  Blacks, for the most part, were responsible for supplying slaves to enable the slave trade and many of their descendants would most likely also be caught up in reparations and thus rewarded.

If Reparations were approved and became policy just how would people be chosen to receive them and how much would be a proper amount?  No direct victims of Slavery are alive today so you would be talking about relatives of original slaves.  Additionally if reparations were to be paid to people who were affected by racism and racism was a reason to merit reparations then there should be white Americans that should receive them as well because there are whites that are victims of racist actions of minorities as well as blacks that are victims of white racism.  

Reparations would also not accomplish a thing as you would have those who were precipitants of reparations that would not be satisfied and thus be unhappy and even angry because they would surely feel that they did not receive an amount that they feel would be justified.  Fact is that there would be some that you could not ever satisfy and there would always be the feelings that people would be further offended because they didn't get that which they felt they deserved.  It would be a never ending cycle of people seeking continued support and gifts all the while becoming a continual victimized society.  

The way to insure that the evils of slavery are atoned for is not to give favor to one group over another but to insure that people are given equal chances and equal opportunities and it is the American system of Capitalism that accomplishes that very thing.  People pulling themselves up by the boot straps and providing for their own good and their own lives and not given anything.

Democrats today want to instill a victim mentality in everyone and have people look for free gifts from Government all the while someone has to pay the bills and it's not going to be "The Rich" because there are just not enough there that would stand for their wealth to be confiscated and taken.  When promises are or were not kept and people became outraged and rebelled then anarchy would ensue and would require that draconian measures be taken to control the multitudes who were so dependent on those endless promises.

In watching the Democratic Presidential candidates and listening to what she had to say they alluded to the great many years that evils have been imposed upon the downtrodden people and masses.  How the "little man" hasn't been able to make it because they were held down by a flawed system.  What they don't take into consideration, and never will, is that during that time they claim such horrors and offenses took place and during that time that people were unable to achieve because of bad government is that their own party was in control much of the time yet the same problems not only persisted but grew and became greater.  

In the last 20 years you had Republican Presidents with Bush 41 and 43 but you also had two term Democratic Presidents with Clinton and Obama so what excuse do the Democrats have that these never ending, never addressed problems were not and are not solved?  Why didn't Obama and Clinton solve all the problems and injustices?  The fact is that they didn't and wouldn't and couldn't.  The same problems will continue to exist even if a Democrat was elected in 2020 and yet they would continue to politicize everything as if it was the Republican's fault even during the times they had control.  The sad thing is so many would continue to believe it and buy into it.

The fact is that from the last 50 or more years Donald Trump is the only one that has actually made realistic attempts to solve some of the issues that people talk about.  Black/minority unemployment is at historic lows as is Hispanic unemployment.  There are plenty of jobs out there for people and if someone wants to work there are more Jobs than people to fill them.  Some people might would have to move or relocate but the work is there.  American economy and industry is coming back, under Trump, and restrictions are being removed from industry.  True there are wealthy people that are benefiting but they are benefiting because under Trump's policies more and more people are becoming wealthy and being in those classes.  

The final hypocrisy of it all is many of these Democrats that are feeding off of and creating economic jealousy are they, themselves, much more wealthy than most of their constituents will ever be.  They live in walled off subdivisions and mansions and homes that 95% of the American people could never afford.  These are rich people, in their own rights, yet they attempt to fool so many and pretend that they are "normal" like most American Middle Class families when they are obviously in the upper echelon of American Society and hardly ever slum with the middle class and often consider themselves far above and better than the American masses of people that eventually vote (blindly) for them.  

One big difference in today's Democrats verses today's Republicans is that Republicans want to remove the restrictions and provide for a beneficial business environment for those who want to advance to be able to thrive and achieve that which they dream of.  Democrats for there part want to make people reliant upon the Government and upon Democrats so that they can maintain their political power through the years by making a dependent class of people all while they live their lives apart from the dependents and enjoy the upper class status that most all, if not all, of them enjoy and live in.  Even AOC, given a few years, will most likely achieve the status of being in the upper class and live much better than 90-95% of the people who elect her to office.  

My apologies for the LOOOOOOOONG dissertation and rambling diatribe against politicians who deceive so many to believe that they care for them while what they do is wish to enslave them and tie the people to a victim mentality where people are dependent upon Government and keeping them in power while they use the same ole excuses of problems that never get fixed or even addressed.  And those at the bottom continue to eat it all up and take it all in and believe it while never questioning why things continue to stay the same even when political parties in power change?  This is the greatest threat that Donald Trump imposes upon America.  He may actually make changes that most people can see and experience and the charade would then be over.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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I would point out that most of the wealthiest persons are Democrat donors -- Jeff Bezos (probably the wealthiest man on the planet), Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros for examples.  As usual, tax laws would be written to exempt much of their wealth. 

Others might easily leave.  Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg and other nations welcome the wealthy. 

Jack Hammer posted:
1130 posted:

I am still waiting for a candidate promoting reparations to explain how it works.  who pays, who receives, etc. 

I'm pretty sure all they want is the lump sum, distribution is a liberal
secret when the Clinton's get their share and so on and on......

As I have said before, and I believe it bears repeating, whoever would get Reparations, whatever nature they would be, would remain unhappy if not be more unhappy and less satisfied because they would not have gotten what they felt they should have got.  Look at the number of people (whites) that thought electing the first minority as President would help and remedy race relations.  I submit that Race relations took a distinctive dive under Obama.  For one thing any condemnation of Obama or his policies or administration immediately became labeled as racist or racially inspired.  

The same will happen if every some form of reparations was approved.  Relations wouldn't be better but would be much worse.  On one part the people who received those reparations would say they were cheated and it wasn't enough (it never will be enough).   Other's would be upset because they were forced to pay something, having never did anything themselves to people who never directly suffered from the initial offense in the first place.  Third there will be countless numbers of people who suffered who will never be repaid anything for their suffering and those are the white descendants of those killed fighting for the North who were killed account of the unCivil War.


Jack Hammer posted:

Reparations ... Some thoughts since it's a hot Democrat topic today

Figure how much reparations will cost us and then deduct the trillions already paid to blacks via all government programs in the past. Then figure how many blacks actually have ancestors that were slaves. Get a list of all the countries that sold people into slavery and all the countries that bought them and figure out their share so they can contribute to the reparations fund. Get an idea of the money we're talking and who would actually pay and receive it. Then make sure the ones that receive reparations are never on government programs again, and have them pay back any money they have been given before on government programs. The blacks whose ancestors owned slaves will be exempt from getting any money. Do all this and then MAYBE we can discuss.

Jutu posted:
Naio posted:

This is the second topic in about a week on this forum.  Seems like it's a hot topic amongst "republicans."  Carry on...

A week is 7 days...not 10...and so what? Do you actually think you decide the subjects to be discussed and that others needs your permission to "carry on"?

You know you struck a nerve when they give the 'I don't need your permission to say whatever I want' speech.

"Look at the number of people (whites) that thought electing the first minority as President would help and remedy race relations.  I submit that Race relations took a distinctive dive under Obama.  For one thing any condemnation of Obama or his policies or administration immediately became labeled as racist or racially inspired".  

But are biracial/mixed race people actually a minority? Obama is white and other things as he is black.


The mass media would never allow a Republican to get away with what they are trying to facilitate Kamala Harris into doing.  For one she wants to claim minority status in order to help her obtain minority vote and acts like she's come from some underprivileged home when the opposite is the truth.  Her parents were Phd's and highly educated.  She may have been bussed but it was mandatory and it wasn't a choice nor did it help her lot in life or education.  Like Obama or like Elizabeth Warren she likes to claim some particular status as long as it benefits her.  

It's not her background that impresses or worries me but rather her policies as well as the policies of the rest of the Democratic field such as providing free healthcare for illegals.  The democrats are trying to do for illegals what they would be unwilling to do for our own citizens.  It's a play for votes from a group that shouldn't have any right to vote but yet there are many efforts to ensure that they can vote.

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