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Republicans stripped out a provision to cap insulin costs at $35 for private insurers, but the Inflation Reduction Act still includes an insulin price cap for seniors on Medicare.

Republican senators on Sunday voted down a cap on the price of insulin in the private market, removing it from Democrats' sweeping climate and economic package.

Democrats had tried to preserve the provision to cap insulin costs at $35 for private insurers, but that vote failed 57-43, with seven Republicans voting with them to keep the insulin cost cap in the bill, three short of what was needed.

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@1130 posted:

unicorn, how was our economy under Trump?  he tried to bring companies back to USA.   Gas was $2,  i could afford to shop.   Biden isn't trying to improve,  80000 new IRS agents?/ an army"

Well, our economy under Trump was shut down because of miss handling of a pandemic.... Then Trump negotiated with OPEC to cut production... and the Trump Admin. printed money like wildfire... and here we are with the consequences... but, I'd never expect a Republican to understand the facts.

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