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Republicans are said to be worried about soon to be x president Donald Trump's mental state.  Just today he accused the Georgia sec.of states brother Ron to be working for China the only trouble is that the Georgia sec. of state has no brother named Ron. Trump also had a screaming fit when he saw how his wife had redecorated his living quarters at his home in florida, at 5aeb8d888a669a75e7be0bd2140618b3160538377029410 Mor-a-lago, and  ordered his aids to  tear it all out.  It is being said that Republicans may have to impose the 25th amendment to force Trump out of office early on the grounds of mental instability.


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Republicans couldn't care less about Trump's mental state... as long as they're getting their agenda in place.

Moscow Mitch has already said he would block any legislation from the Biden Presidency... just as he did with President Obama. 'Do nothing Mitch' is the biggest problem in Congress.

Rumor has it... Trump's proven affair, with the **** star, nullified Melania's prenup. Divorce may be imminent.

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