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Oh my goodness! I realize this reveals that I am an overgrown child & probably shouldn't be quite this excited, but I must find a way to go see this when it's finished. Cool!

Majestic: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey will take guests through scenes and rooms from the blockbuster movies with the turreted building made to look 700 feet tall...

...Fans will be able to wander around the village of Hogsmeade where the Hogwarts students are allowed to go on some weekends to buy sweets and visit the Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer...

...Dragon Challenge: The twin high-speed roller coaster includes many iconic elements from the Triwizard Tournament, which featured in the fourth Potter book and film...

...Flight of the Hippogriff. A family roller coaster simulates a training flight on the creature.
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I'll go with you, Joy!!! I love Harry Potter, have read all the books multiples times. I HATE theme parks, but I may go to this one. I haven't been to Disney since 5th grade- before Epcot was built!! Standing in line for a 2 minute ride is my idea of a personal hell, but for the Love of Harry, I'd go!!

Let's pack our Vera Bradley's and hit the road!!
I am all for it. I love Universal Studios. We stay at the Hotel Portofino, near the entrance. If you stay there, all you have to do is show your room key and you move to the front of the line, no waiting. At least it was that way the last time I went. My son and I rode the Hulk about 10 times. My head was spinning like a top. It was awesome.
Ed! Alright, but don't blame be if you enter singing and leave croaking. She is the brightest witch of her age, you know. Big Grin

LOL, teyates...sounds like fun to me. We did the park hopper, but chose MGM for our 4th. I did attend a trade show dinner thing at Universal and enjoyed a small area of the park, but would love to see the rest after HP opens.

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