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We've had some fun with over-zealous auto-censor before, most memorably when we couldn't talk about gay marriage without it looking like we were typing expletives at each other, and thankfully the admin sorted it out. This one is less important, but I just tried to write something about the re****tion of the Penn State football program, and as you can see, the censor doesn't like the very common and non-offensive English word, "re****tion." I know what that four-letter word means in Spanish, but we don't seem to have much of a problem with people cursing in Spanish on this forum, so could I trouble the admin to take this word off the banned list?

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I have type 2 diabetes.  i cannot tell you I  take glucophage(shades of the Greeks).  Right now I'm reading the story of Hans Brinker who put his finger in the **** to save his town in Holland.  I sure would enjoy eating a Klon**** bar while I am reading the story. It is a shame that ***gots were lit around Joan of Arc's feet.  I am too sleepy to think of anymore test stiuations.  One of my favorite books is titled "Gone with the Wind".  I forgot that one!

Below is from another post in this forum today.


Come on, guys.  It's not like children participate here.  Also, you're professional journalists, so spelling should count for something.



The wind was fierce and the waves were surging on Josephine Vibert’s wedding day, 70 years ago in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, a small fishing village on Quebec’s north s****.




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