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Yes....breaking news!!! Tuscaloosa and the university of Alabama is the ONLY place in Alabama, or the southeast, for that matter where people are likely to be exposed to the presence of marijuana...the big M....the "devil weed"....el Loco Weedo....Peyote....or grass.  If I were you, I would not even drive within a few miles of the place, since just being exposed to it is liable to drive you onto stronger drugs or alcholo....gasp!

If I were you I would drive thru some of the other "areas of higher education" in our fair sure though to keep your window rolled up, I hear in some of them if you are not careful they will throw you a diploma in there just for driving through their pretty little town.

What a bunch of do about nothing.  Bunch of kids, over several months, were caught with marijuana.  We have that many almost a month here in Florence alone.

I think it is really sad that these kids lives are forever damaged by these arrest. Many will be expelled from school. Kids that had ambition and drive to make something of their lives will now have a very hard time finishing their education. All over a harmless weed. This is another good example of why it should be legalized. Ruining peoples lives by arresting and prosecuting them over a substance that is non destructive and non addictive is a travesty. My kids go to Auburn (and teyates they are working really hard for their degrees) but it doesn't matter which college this happened at, it is still disturbing. The state will make a good profit off of the fines and court cost and as I say all the time, its all about the money.

Definitely not a "harmless" substance, notwithstanding efforts by its apologists to portray it as such:


And not "non-addictive" either in any compresensive sense.  Not as addictive as some substances, but addiction does occur and can be a problem:


That said, I agree that prosecutions for marijuana tend to go overboard and jail sentences for those who are only users (i.e. not "pushers") have resulted in overcrowding of prisons with non-violent offenders wjho don't belong there.


But let's keep the facts straight, folks; the stuff is not "harmless."

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