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@1130 posted:

you are wrong again,   Trump wasn't accused of an affair with an employee

where as the principle and Clinton were accused of affair with an employee.

twist has your hateful mind tries, you are worng again,.   Sorry, just to much for your weak mind.

so.... in your twisted sense of morals... cheating on your wife is fine... as long as it's not an employee...


@1130 posted:

corn you bring up Trump changing the subuect, yet don't mention Biden being accused, plus his daughter's diary saying Biden showered with her.  the subject is a principle having affairs with employeeS. not affairs in general.   

So.... you don't like your hypocrisy pointed out. hahahahahha

Trump paid Stormy and Karen... wouldn't that make them employees?


I can't seem to find any pictures of Biden with known pedos... but i can Trump. hahahahhahahahaha!

go ahead and support that man who used the pickup line 'you remind me of my daughter' on a **** star. hahahahahahaha!

You should give up while you're behind... there's no justification for a cheater.. no matter how hard you try.

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@1130 posted:

try to stay on topic,  if you want to discuss\s your stupidity, start anothe4r post.

then we can discuss inflation wars lies,   

When the weak minded resort to pure insults... you know they have zero to add to a discussion...

Perhaps , before you try to insult someone's intelligence, you should address your own shortcomings.

The topic was people having affairs... you've continually tried to justify Trump's affairs while vilifying someone doing the EXACT SAME THING. Do you realize how ridiculous you appear?

@1130 posted:

you sound like a democrat or worse the media.  Subject wasn't "people", it was a Principle/supervisor     Typical highjack a post and ruin it. is he your brother or are you him?

Note how many of your 'rebuttals' contain nothing more than insults?
At what point do you feel you've done anything more than being a hypocrite?

I don't live in Franklin Co.  and I honestly couldn't care less, but your hypocrisy was too astounding to not put it on display.

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