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UPDATE: Another Batch of Classified Documents Found in JOE BIDEN’S DELAWARE GARAGE

“Middle Class Joe’s” home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Government officials discovered more classified documents at Joe Biden’s Delaware home – in the garage.

As Vice President, Joe Biden had no legal right to hold classified documents in his possession.

The documents discovered at his UPenn office and Delaware garage were taken when Joe Biden served as VP under Obama.

Isn’t it about time for an FBI raid?

FOX News reported:

President Biden had another batch of classified documents housed in the garage of one of his Delaware homes, White House lawyers announced Thursday.

The White House Counsel’s Office searched Biden’s two residences in Rehoboth Beach and Wilmington, Delaware this week after revelations about a collection of Obama-era classified documents at the Penn Biden Center think tank.

White House lawyers say they immediately contacted the Department of Justice when they discovered the documents.


Joe Biden lectured President Trump last year for “legally” taking classified documents from the White House when his presidency was ending.

@1130 posted:

now a third one.  think con and other dims will go after him?

I'd like to know who's job it is to account for the Obama Admn. documents... and how they sat in boxes for 6 years without being missed.

I'll wait for the investigation to pass judgment.
I do know Biden didn't say he didn't have the documents and they weren't found in his desk.... so the comparison of Trump vs. Biden doesn't hold water... but, the documents were taken... suffering the consequences of your actions.. that's what I'd like to see.

Biden’s Stash of Classified Documents Included Materials Marked Top Secret

President Joe Biden’s stash of classified documents at the Biden Penn Center included materials reportedly marked top secret.

About ten documents were unearthed at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC, on Tuesday by Biden’s personal attorneys. Among those, some were marked top secret, according to CBS News. Between the classified documents retrieved from the Biden Penn Center and the documents retrieved from Biden’s residence in Delaware on Thursday, the total number of classified Biden stashed is about 20. No top secret documents were reported to be at Biden’s residence. It is unknown why Biden’s personal attorneys were initially looking for the classified documents. According to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, there are three levels of classified information:

(a) Top Secret. The authority to classify information originally as Top Secret may be exercised only by:

(1) the President;

(2) agency heads and officials designated by the President in the Federal Register; and

(3) officials delegated this authority pursuant to Section 1.2(d).

(b) Secret. The authority to classify information originally as Secret may be exercised only by:

(1) agency heads and officials designated by the President in the Federal Register;

(2) officials with original Top Secret classification authority; and

(3) officials delegated such authority pursuant to Section 1.2(d).

Since the classified documents were unearthed by Biden’s personal attorneys, three investigations have opened three entities: House Oversight committee, House Judiciary Committee, Justice Department’s special counsel.

The probes into Biden’s mishandling of the materials come as Biden administration officials have reportedly begun blaming the National Archives for not properly taking care

to protect the classified documents in 2017 when Biden left the White House.

The investigations will seek to uncover the extent of wrongdoing and by whom. Former Department of Justice prosecutor Andrew McCarthy argued Thursday that Biden has already admitted guilt.

At least of the classified documents discovered are related to the Biden family business ventures in Ukraine. In 2017, Hunter Biden was paid $83,000 per month to be on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. Hunter was appointed to the board of Burisma in 2014 with no previous experience in the energy sector or in Ukraine.

In 2015, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

Joe Biden visited Ukraine for the last time in 2017 to deliver a farewell address. It was his sixth visit in seven years. After Joe Biden left the White House, Hunter’s salary was cut in half.

According to Breitbart News’s senior contributor Peter Schweizer, Hunter made massive sums of money from Ukraine for which he “offered no real work.”

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