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Whatever she is, apparently she's still turning the papa on. Ewwwwwwww.

I mean, those people have 17 kids. I don't even know where you PUT 17 kids much less how to feed em, clothe 'em and wash 'em. I get short of breath just thinking about the noise level.

A bad day at work gets me out of the mood, how on earth do they ever want to "do it" with all those kids all over the place. WHERE do they do it? Maybe it's like in "Norma Rae" and she just yanks up her dress and bends over while she irons?
Originally posted by ~*~Freebird~*~:

I watched their show the other night, OMG at all the kids. My two drives me crazy I could not imagine 15 more. Him and Her must be nypho's or just don't know what birth control is.

My question is Does Mr.Duggars support his family Financial or do they rely on the government?

According to the TLC special they have never accepted government assistance.
The special I saw on television about 2 years ago when they had only 14 kids said that she had inhierted a lot of money and he was a real estate developer and they make everything they use so I think money is no object for them. Have you seen their vehicles? Have you seen the vacations they take? They have thier own money the old kind.
I guess everyone needs a hobby....

Seriously, years ago I had a neighbor that had five kids in fairly short order. Seems after a couple of them, it became almost self-sufficient, with the older ones helping tend the younger ones.

Definitely not my cup of tea, either - I drove myself daft between my own kid and three stepsons!

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