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Hillary is not ruling out a 2020 run for President!  Hillary is yet another Democrat appearing to be considering a run for President in 2020.  That said with as many as they are expecting to run it makes you wonder if the other Democrat candidates will hold back on just criticism and condemnation of Hillary and her many questionable deeds?  I don't see other candidates holding back on Hillary but rather unloading at any opportunity in order to attempt to squelch her potential move to run for office.  Bernie attempted to run a civil, non-condemning campaign against Hillary all the time never having a shot against Hillary who was, from the beginning, anointed as the 2016 candidate.  

One of the most reluctant, potential, candidates would be Joe Biden who very likely could have won against Trump and as it is he will probably have that  to think about for the rest of his lifetime as I don't see his potental run going anywhere fast either.  I think the Democrats will choose and run someone younger than Biden, Warren, or Hillary but then who really knows how this all will pan out and eventually play out through the debate process.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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My sister lived in Little Rock throughout her 20's and 30's, and she was quite popular socially.  She and my brother in law ran with the young state politicians, etc.  At the same time, Bill Clinton had the governorship and they crossed paths often.  

The Clintons at the time were the most corrupt couple anyone's ever seen.  Their antics went far beyond the Whitewater scandal.  They had control of the Mena, AR airport where hundreds of planes from Central and South America would refuel, and Bill had interests in cocaine trafficking.  (Remember Roger Clinton getting caught and prosecuted for drug activities?)  And then Clinton and his campaign manager were purchasing the blood of prisoners tainted with HIV and selling it to the blood bank system of Canada--and thousands of people received transfusions and many died from AIDS.

Let me just say there's going to be a special place in Hell for that pair.  The Hildebeast is perhaps the most awful personality you'd ever care to meet in person.  They should never have made it out of Arkansas without going to prison, much less showed any success in politics.

 Look at Bill Clinton's nose today, in un-retouched photos.


The story of Roger Clinton's 1984 arrest and subsequent conviction on drug charges has been used by the Clintons for years, supposedly to demonstrate Bill's probity. According to their script, Bill as governor stood aside, allowing drug investigators to conduct the sting that nabbed Roger. After Roger's conviction, a tearful governor appeared on the courthouse steps, saying, "I feel more deeply committed than ever before to do everything I can to fight drugs in our state." Says Hillary now in her memoir, "Bill and I berated ourselves for not seeing signs of Roger's abuse and taking some kind of action to help him." Unfortunately for the Clintons, half a dozen Arkansans have testified to doing drugs with both Clinton brothers. During Roger's investigation he was videotaped saying, "I've got to get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a Hoover vacuum cleaner." The officer who conducted the sting claims Gov. Clinton shut it down prematurely to protect himself from being implicated.


Jutu posted:

"One of the most reluctant, potential, candidates would be Joe Biden who very likely could have won against Trump"

No way he could have won.

I don't know if Joe could have actually won but I do believe he had a. greater path to victory than Clinton had.  What I was thinking when I wrote that was Biden will always believe he would have, and could have, won over Trump if he had actually took on and beat Hillary for the nomination but he gave up hope of doing so.  Most likely if he had run he would have had the backing of Obama but then we'll never know.

L. Cranston posted:

I don't really think Hillary will run. I think this is the DNC's way of keeping Republicans focused on Hillary and away from the real contenders.

I truly believe Hillary still wants, badly, to be the first Woman President and I wouldn't doubt her working behind the scenes to attempt to run again.  I do though think that her path would be greatly troubled because I don't think her fellow democratic candidates would lay off her baggage and she has enough to keep most of them occupied.  Would be interesting debates, that's for sure.

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