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okay , so there was a football game last night , 1-A  R-8 .....SCS vs DH and there was no score , recap or any mention of that game in ANY local newspaper......really ?  way to drop the ball , local what ? it was only a couple of 1-A schools , right ? you sports writers would actually have to WORK to provide any info about that game ? is that it ?......what a bunch of slackers

i once had an awkward moment..... just to see what it was like.
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i just get the sunday paper......i usually just look at the website and after i posted i kept digging thru the website and found the story.....tried to delete the post 7 minutes after posting and could apologies to the local sportswriters....i was wrong

Originally Posted by Lionsfan:

The story is on page 3C of my TimesDaily this morning.

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