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Oh, I was just being silly, it wasn't a big deal. Someone had a post asking when we will get a Starbuck's, because he/she is tired of spending gas money to drive back and forth to Athens to get coffee. It tickled me a little, because I can't believe someone would drive to Athens ONLY to get a cup of coffee. I'm not that floored by Starbuck's. It's OK. Any way, it's in the "Rants & Raves section of the shoals Craigslist.
Craig's List out here is scary...there have been at least two incidences of people fraudulently renting houses they didn't own to folks who had absolutely no idea the "leasing agent" wasn't legit. One guy even had an office set up, business cards, rental forms drawn up and keys to the house he "rented" the couple. He took them for over $5,000 - first month's rent and deposit. Turns out the house was an abandoned foreclosure that the original owners finally made good on with their lender and returned to live in only to find the locks changed. When the new "renters" showed up with their first load of stuff, that's when they found out they had been taken for a "ride".

Is it this bad in other places? Anyone else have horror stories from Craig's list?
There have also been arrests made stemming from the "casual encounters" category in varoius cities.

The thing is, any kind of internet site like this will be used by bad people to prey on others.

People get duped on Ebay all the time.

My suggestion to people is just be careful. If it sounds to good to be true it is. If you have a bad feeling about the whole situation, stay away.

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