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I was going to post my guesses for playoff this year with respect to our region 8 teams and whom their possible matchups may be.  Region 8 throughout the state is matched up with Region 5 this year.   These are early early guesses, but here are some possible matchups I see that could happen.   I will post 1A & 2A now, and work on the others to post as the day goes along.



Talladega County Central @ Hackleburg

Ragland @ RA Hubbard

Vina @ Donoho

Phillips @ Wadley


Don't sleep on:  Waterloo & Winterboro


Synapsis:  I can't see Region 8 winning many games.   Hackleburg will have it's hands full, if they win the region, with either TCC or Winterboro.   Vina has a long losing streak but they are in prime position to not only snap that this year, but to win a playoff spot with Shoals Christian being down and the other two opponents being Decatur Heritage & Waterloo.   I would say if this or even close to this comes true, R8 will go 1-3 and probably be completely out by the second round.   But that's why they play the game.  



Phil Campbell @ Reeltown

Cherokee @ Lanett

Lafayette @ Hatton

Randolph County @ Red Bay


Don't sleep on: Ranburne, or Horsheshoe Bend.


Synapsis:  Much like Region 8 of 6A is the SEC of 6A, Region 5 of 2A could also proudly boast that moniker.  Really, any of those four teams could shift position and HB and Ranburne could easily jump in there.   This could also be one of those, like 1A, where all the Region 8 teams could struggle.   Would be interesting to see PC and Cherokee back in the playoffs.  Wonder when the last time both were in, in the same season?   I would guess that if this happens, R8 would again go 1-3 just as I said in 1A. 

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