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Familiar Face
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What do you do when you aren't harassing Christians between bong hits? Seriously though you found the answer that works for you so go with it and leave everyone else alone.

That was good UBER: In my old hippie days: there wasn't a computer to type on, I had trouble inserting the 8 track between bong hits! LOL Mellow out, DUDE or DUDETTE! THE DOG
I'm mellow I'm just in your face mellow Smiler

That pot thing was in reference to the 420 at the end of the guy's name. 4:20 is international pot smoking time so people put at the end of their names to hint at their coolness.

Not that there is anything wrong with it but I don't think the motive behind this guy's madness is really constructive. I think he is just trying to illustrate to us how dumb he perceives Christians to be.'s my thoughts on the subject with no intended humor.

First, since there is (other than cave drawings and a debatably inaccurate chapter of the bible) no documented evidence of who was first, an accurate answer is impossible. If you want to go with carbon dating and other scientific evidence, the scientists say cavemen were here several thousand years ago, and evolved through several distinct changes. Theologians claim the the world is less than 6,000 years old, and that man (Adam) was made exactly as we see him today (in God's image).

I personally favor the "caveman" theory. I see evolvement as a much more natural process than believing man sprang into being "as is".
Familiar Face
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I'm mellow I'm just in your face mellow

That pot thing was in reference to the 420 at the end of the guy's name. 4:20 is international pot smoking time so people put at the end of their names to hint at their coolness.

Oh I didn't mean you weren't mellow Uber, you are like the dog, been around long enough to "chill and grill" at the same time, I was talking to the starter of the post. As for the time thing, MAN am I old! Of course I haven't even seen a seed in 30 years so I am no longer a conisuer (sic) of cannibis. All I can remember is: "No stems and seeds that you don't need: Alcopouca (sic) Gold is BAD*** weed!" That was a mantra back in the day! WAY BACK! THE DOG
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once upon a time a very long time ago there was this ape who didn't like climbing trees. SO he found himself a nice cozy cave to live in. After a time this female ape who shared his dislike of climbing trees came over and asked if she could move in. The male ape finding her nicer to look at than his hand agreed, so she moved on in. A few years later the cave was overrunning by little apes. The father ape after being nagged by the mother ape, told the older young apes to go find a cave of their own. Many many years pasted by. Then one day a huge strange looking bird flew down from the sky. The cave apes were scared and tried to run away. But the creatures that operated the big bird,from the sky, took no mercy and wiped them out.
Then the creatures that operated the huge bird from the sky, put out a couple of hitchhikers named Adam and a chick named Eve. They were so happy to be on land instead inside of the big bird.
They looked around a while and found some food to eat and also found some grape juice the cave apes had let get to old. But they drank it anyway and found themselves in a frisky mood.
The creatures that operated the big bird from the sky had been watching the hitchikers from afar. After seeing how easy it was to get Eve in such an easy way, They said to themselves

" We should have let those cave apes alone"

Then they decided that since they could be so easly be had, they thought it would be funny to really mess with their mind. So they dropped seeds all over the planet, knowing that the hitchhikers were so dumb they would eat or drink, or smoke almost anything, knowing that Eve liked mushrooms they threw a lot of them close to her.After they came up , sure as they Eve ate all she could hold, then she gave some to Adam for supper. That night the creatures that flew the huge bird from the sky. Came back and really messed with their minds.
The creatures from the big bird had a good laugh and decided to come every few hundred years, just for laughs, and then to only appear in different shape. And really play with the hitchhikers mind with all kind of crap. Since Eve had eated so many of the mushrooms,the children that where concived that night after all those mushrooms and old grapejuice,minds were even more easly messed with. The operators of the hugh bird decided to only come back every thousand years or so.

And that is the rest of the story.
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Sorry guys, I don't smoke pot..Just a stupid screenname...Anyways, I still have no answer... And Uber, go to hell... How is asking a question harrasing people? It's idiots like you that give actual good Christians a sorry rep... And you suck... I was asking a question about something I was trying to figure out... I suppose you are religious since it offends you to be asked a question... And you can't even answer it dummy........
Welp, Mack, if he/she wasn't offended before your comment, he/she is now.

I know I for one, was going to answer this, but after seeing the message to Uber (whether I agree or disagree with his/her reply), I'd rather not. Having that attitude, no matter what anyone says to you online, is just crude and not worthy of the time spent to write a response.

I do however, hope you find your answer, even though, it's one of those subjects that you end up going around in circles in, because there is no answer that could be 100% proven either way.

420, telling Uber to go to hell? The very root of your question is intertwined with a belief that is spiritual in nature. Telling someone to go to hell must be like 'go to walmart the last week of December'. And I have read enough of Uber's post over time, that I know he is no "dummy". So look at yourself and decide what you want to be. I never agree with him on everything but that does not him a "dummy".
Sometimes, after reflecting on some of his post that may have angered me, I feel the dummy.
My take in a nut shell is: Prehistoric man was here first. You don't read anywhere in the bible about dinosaurs eating Egyptians,Jews, or Adam and Eve. I don't know if Noah put a brontisauris in his ark or not.

You do however find drawings of dinosaurs in the caves where cave men once dwelled. Man made stone arrowheads have been found inside dinasaur remains. Carbon dating dates prehistoric man and animal much older than anything biblical.

The ongoing rest of the rest of the story

After many years in earth years had passed, the Father of the hugh bird saw what his kids had done to the hitchhickers. And he was angry with his kids for messing with two hitchhikers. And even more for they had allowed them to become. So he searched the earth until he found a good decendent of the hitchers. He spoke to him in a dream. The Father of the big bird from the sky, told the decendent of the 1st hitchhickers that he was not pleased with what had happened on earth. His best plan was to start over. And this good decendent wanted to help start over he needed to build a big boat,because he was going to flood the earth and get rid of the rif raf. So this dude called Noah believed what he was told and did exactly what the big Father said do. Sure enough the earth as Noah had know it to be was flooded with 40 days and nights of rain.

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