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For those of you who live in Alabama, we've seen times come and go when state politicians campaign on allowing the state's voters to vote on having or approving a State-run Lottery.  Now in many states across the nation, there are referendums on approving the sale of Marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.  So is there any prediction if Alabamians will ever allow a lottery first or approval of Marijuana for medicinal purposes or either of the two or both?  Even the federal government seems to be moving toward approval of CBD oils which are derived from Marijuana plants minus the THC chemical (I believe that's right) which is the component of Marijuana products that actually makes people high.   In Alabama, even CBD oils are illegal from what I've been told so I assume CBD oils would need to be legalized before Medicinal or recreational use of Marijuana would be approved and who knows if ever there will be a move to allow an educational, or any other, lottery to take place in Alabama's State boundaries. 


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CBD oil possible benefits and side effects:

I'm not sure if a recreational pot use bill would ever get through the legislature in Alabama, but a 'puter search shows that there is a CBD oil store in Huntsville,  Hempworks CBD Oil Apothecary.

I suspect that a state lottery would be more likely put up for a referendum again and if there were language in the referendum to revamp the state's finance system, I probably would vote for it. It is the most inefficient way of raising revenue, but at least it's voluntary.

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