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Jesus and Cannabis Oil

There will be and has been always those who want to remove the divinity from Christ and come up with some way to explain a miracle in scientific terms or as some kind of magic trick other than accept that Christ was God in human form/flesh walking among us and able to do whatever He wanted to do.  

I remember watching the Science Channel or Discovery or History Channel as they bent over backward trying to find some scientific excuse or cause for the Ten Plagues that affected Egypt and that brought the Pharoh to allow the Jewish people/slaves to go out from Egypt with their freedom.  

If people chose not to believe or find it difficult or impossible to believe then so be it but don't go around trying to water it down.  Christians/Believers accept the Bible and the events by faith as with many things in the Bible or in the Spiritual realm they are impossible to humanly comprehend.  Even the simple concept of Eternity is one of those things beyond human understanding or comprehension.  Eternity past and/or Eternity future, no beginning or no end I submit that they are concepts that we accept but cannot comprehend and understand as they are beyond our ability to comprehend.  Likewise, God Himself or the Spiritual realm is yet another and there are many more. As I said you either accept it through/with faith or you don't but simply dismissing it or, worse, watering it down and trying to use Physical Realm options and data to describe or accept Spiritual Realm concepts.  At least that's my own opinion.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Let me try and explain it a little better if I can and I freely admit I'm choosing my own terms so it could come down to semantics.  I look at Science as studying the Physical and Natural world through Observation and experiments recognizing and acknowledging what is valid and provable or touchable.  Whereas I see or consider the Spiritual Realm being something Science would refuse to acknowledge and thus consider it more something of hocus pocus or fictional or even delusional and thus Science strives to encroach upon faith by utilizing the tangible from the Physical world/realm to somehow create some kind of feasible scenario in which faith or the Spiritual would have no influence or bearing but rather coincidence is the accepted scenario.

In other, or simpler words, Science considers a miraculous, unexplainable, event in terms of a coincidence involving terms or Physical entities that Science has domain over rather than an acknowledgment that something may exist beyond what can be explained or verified by observation or experimentation.  Ironically though Science does flirt with theoretical "Black Holes" and other anomalies that cannot be proven by observation or experimentation or examination and yet accepts is as theoretical and waiting to be proven but nowhere is there any correlation of theory to faith but Science theory is by many  considered dogmatic fact until proven otherwise or the next best theory comes along.  "The Big Bang" for example is accepted as how everything got started that organics somehow sprung from some accidental primordial accident of elements and atoms that somehow aligned and formed to create the most basic elements required for life.

Spiritual people do not seek to explain that which they have no way of knowing or comprehending but blindly accept it as factual as science accepts various theories as fact until disproven or replaced.  Often there is or can be an overlapping of the two, Spiritual and Physical or one reinforcing the other such as the  identification of a probable asteroid or meteor, near the pass, over the Middle East in the area of Sodom & Gomorrah which by Science is accepted as causation without answering much deeper questions such as was the Physical manipulated by, or out of the Spiritual.  

Faith requires no proof or causation but Science demands it for validation and to totally ignore Faith as a potentially valid and real entity and require some kind of coincidence to explain the unexplainable is disingenuous, that's all I'm trying to say.  While, yes, there are some who can find no conflict between the Spiritual and the Physical, G_d, and Science, for the most part, especially from the Scientific community there is exclusivity more than acceptance or consideration  Again G_d/ Creator. and "The Big Bang" is not mutually or potentially acceptable together.  One must negate the other rather than one proceeding from within or from the other and it happens far more than not.

There isn't a difference between faith and science, It's all contained
within the God Head/Holy Trinity. There's neither one without God.
The human race has created nothing except doubt/disbelief.
The more some people can't understand causes more doubt,
God needs your faith, he doesn't need our explanation for/why
whatever it is we have no idea about...

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