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Originally posted by Ceeley43:

Does anyone where Pastor Eddie Lawerance is preaching? He is one of my Hero's, he is an awesome MAN of God and would love to find where he is. He was one of the most influential people in turning my life around...Thank You, Pastor Eddie...You are wonderful... Smiler

Are you serious? When a thread about Pastor Eddie Lawrence's indiscretions came on here months ago people had a fit. Now you are singing his praises and have attached an article about someone charged with sodomy, rape and porn?
I said I was sorry, it was a mistake...U could have used that energy helping me fix the problem instead of trying to make it something I didn't mean to happen..actually, I am not sure how that even got on there..I am new at this..AND YES...I will always sing his praises..he's just like you and I..not perfect..But he STILL deseves to be forgiven by you...God already has forgiven him..why can't YOU. Again, it was a mistake...I czan say I am sorry..Can you?

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