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I assume you mean SSI. If you've been reading the forum carefully, you're aware there was a sex offender activist living in Sheffield until recently. He didn't work. Guess what?


If you guessed this able bodied man, now living in Cleveland, Ohio (thank God), received SSI benefits because he was considered unemployable, you would be correct. Our tax dollars at work. How many such sex offenders are we supporting?


I understand there are also those who receive checks because they are alcoholics, and if they have other mental impairment, they even get even more each month. Jen, you and I may have very different theological ideology, but I assume we both feel success is not measured totally in money, but in giving back to the community and, yes, in the prestige we receive for what we accomplish. I doubt that's the case with these individuals.

I've seen carpel tunnel surgery. I think the doc had done one or two before. It took about two minutes to cut the offending nerve and about 12 to 15 to sew up the incision to leave the least scar. I don't know how much he charged, but he said the had an almost 100% cure rate.


I've been told it's who you know. I do know this, I had a cousin to join the Marines to get away from his new wife (shotgun wedding). His mother knew the wife of a Tenn. Rep. Guess what? She got him out in about five days. Guess what? He wouldn't leave. Marriage didn't last long. I know you're shocked.


Point is I understand this U.S. Rep. from Tenn. was getting others out who had been drafted during the Vietnam war. How sad for those who had to go and died.

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