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The story about a young University of Georgia nursing student, 22-year-old Laken Riley, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien, 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, is incredibly sad -- made sadder in that it was completely preventable. Ibarra reportedly was let go into the country by Joe Biden's policies, so Riley's death appears to be fully on the back of Biden's failure to enforce the law.

Every parent, and every American, is saddened—and outraged—to hear about the loss of University of Georgia student Laken Riley. Our prayers are with her family and friends as they mourn this tragedy.

The brutal murderer who took the life of Laken was one of the millions of illegal aliens that the Biden Administration simply released and unleashed upon our country.

For Laken, and the countless many others lost to this border catastrophe, House Republicans will continue to fight tooth and nail for a return to law and order.

Mr. President, use your existing statutory authority and CLOSE THE BORDER!

But part of the problem is that Biden and Democrats haven't done anything about the border for three years. Then last month -- likely as they realized that this was naturally hurting Biden badly in the polls -- they did finally try to flip the script and claim they have been trying to address the problem, but it was the fault of the evil Republicans.

Before last month, if you talked about securing the border and enforcing the law, Democrats would accuse you of somehow being racist.

It looks like George Takei didn't get the talking points memo from last month. The guy who played Star Trek's "Lt. Sulu" has posted some bad things in the past, but this was definitely a winner on the "truly awful argument" meter in response to Johnson.

I know your type of politician. Men like you smeared my community during World War II by preying upon people’s fears of others who didn’t look like them. It led to the internment and 125,000 shattered lives. Never again.

First of all, Johnson didn't "smear" anyone -- he offered support to the family of the murdered woman. He also called on Biden to enforce the law. That to a Democrat like Takei apparently is "evil," which tells you everything you need to know about why we have this problem at the border with Democrats in power. This is the kind of attitude they've had for three years.

Second, nowhere in Takei's post is there any concern or sympathy for the murdered girl or her family. Instead, he tries to make Johnson's post about race and himself. It isn't about race or Takei, it's about the people being hurt by these policies.

Third, perhaps the most bizarre problem with this is Takei didn't realize how he did in Democrats with this take. Did Takei miss who it was who was "smearing his community during World War II" and interning them? Yes, it was Democrat FDR who wrongly put Japanese Americans in internment camps. It wasn't Republicans -- the party formed to fight slavery and free individuals. Takei should be taking it up with his buddies, the Democrats. And frankly, seemingly trying to compare illegal aliens who murder people to Japanese Americans who did nothing wrong is just gross.

Takei got blasted, including by author Xi Van Fleet, who fled Communism.

Star Trek's George Takei's Twisted Response to Illegal's Alleged Murder of Nursing Student Does in Dems – RedState

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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