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Mona Simpson, Steve Jobs’ biological sister remembered Jobs’ final moment, with Jobs glancing toward his family.

“Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them,” she recalled. “Steve’s final words were, Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

One has to wonder what did Steve behold. Was it nothing? Was it his life before him? Was it just the Pain or was it pure Joy?

     I remember when my Grandfather passed from this world. As we gathered around he affixed his eyes beyond us on something or someone that we did not see. His final words were Aleath, you never looked so beautiful. Aleath was the name of my Grandmother who preceded him in death by a year. I believe my Grandmother came to escort him from this World to the next phase of his existence.





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By all accounts, Steve Jobs was an extremely private person. During his life, he chose not to have any dealings with the woman who gave birth to him or her lover (later husband). He did become friends with his biological sibling. You will note that neither his wife or his (real) sister chose to give out any info concerning his death, at least as of yet. I'm sure this woman was paid well for her interview.

Originally Posted by FirenzeVeritas:

I simply think this "biological sister":was paid big bucks for her story (by the Daily Mail or other news entity). Was it tacky? Not sure, but I didn't see where Job's wife was quoted in the article. She has to be hurting now...and not for money.


Apple held a memorial service for Jobs on October 16 at Stanford University campus. It was told on the news that there were few invitations sent out for the event, which was not open to the public. His sister attended, along with his wife & other family members.

Why would you think that his sister giving an Eulogy for her brother, was done for money? Maybe she did it because she loved him.


Originally Posted by FirenzeVeritas:

Her "story" was contained in her eulogy, was it not? See:


Unless a reporter slipped into the private service, this "biological" sister sold the eulogy for money or for the publicity--see three large photos of the woman in the DM article. Neither his wife or his sister or his children have spoken about his last moments.

Faux does not equal news.

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