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Dr. Pepper posted:


Times Daily left out a choice on their question of the day: Due to the political platform that the NFL has taken, I have not watched one game this year nor will I watch the Stool Bowl!!

Agree, it would have been interesting to have had one of the Choices to be; 

o  Will not be Watching.

May have been the largest percentage within the group of choices....

Kraven posted:
There was a time when you could research older polls, what I see in 
the morning's new poll isn't the total by the end of the day... 

The best polls used to be posted daily on the yahoo home page. You could only vote once on the question, and a few hundred thousand would vote. The left got their ***** handed to them on a daily basis. The left couldn't cheat, so of course after a while yahoo did away with the polls.

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