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Many on the left, the media, liberals and Democrats want to condemn Conservatives or Republicans for say a carrying a poster of AOC or laughing at a joke here or there but they fail to condemn or stop supporting Black lives matters and Antifa who don't just carry posters but actually participate in violent acts and beat up people for nothing more than wearing a MAGA hat.

Remember when Black Lives Matters marched calling for the deaths and shootings of Police during Obama's term?  What happened afterwards was police were actually targeted and killed by several Black Lives Matters supporters and how did Obama react?  He actually invited some of the leaders of the Black Lives Matters movement to the White House.  

Can you imagine if Trump was to actually invite some of the leaders of the White Nationalist movement to the White House?  He's condemned for something he never did as Democrats and the media want to promote a known lie which is they say Trump said there was good people on the White Nationalist side when what he actually said and it's recorded was that there was people on both sides (of the issue of historical monuments issue).  

Obama was never condemned by his own party or the media for inviting leaders of the Black lives Matters movement yet they can be cited as promoting the killing of police officers which actually happened several times.  For our liberal friends who want Trump condemned for something he said or the way he said something I ask ... did you condemn Obama not for what he said but what he actually did?   Trump should have reacted differently to the statement about "shoot them" made by an audience members but instead he joked that only in the panhandle you could get away with that.  He (Trump) wasn't advocating shooting immigrants but it doesn't really matter if he did or not because the media and democrats are going to lie about what he said or the way he said it until they convince people who never heard it that it actually happened the way they said.

Some Democrats, Senator Warren for one, area actually fund raising off the blood of the innocent before they are even buried.  Democrats are claiming Trump as responsible for the shootings and that alone is so irresponsible and harmful itself yet there is no condemnation of them either.  You want Trump condemned by some of his supporters than try leading the way and doing the same to those on your side? Somehow I don't think that will happen.

Lastly the media wants to blame Trump's rhetoric for driving the shooter to do what he did but in his own manifesto he absolves Trump of any responsibility and actually says he planned all this before Trump it just happened that Trump agreed with him.  IF you want to look for blame how about the Democrats and their debate when they promised everything to illegals free while saddling the American taxpaying public with the cost?  This was said to incense the shooter so why isn't this considered a contributing factor in his decision to do what he did, when he did it?

The Dayton shooter was an advocated leftist and Warren supporter who, like the Texas shooter, blamed CEO's and companies for destruction of the environment and destroying the place where they were going to live.  Just whose talking points does that sound like?  It certainly isn't Trump's and the Republicans.  Trouble is you will never hear that reported by CNN or the highly biased media.  They have to blame Trump and push that agenda whether true or not.  Before liberals point their judgmental finger at Conservatives and Republicans they should analyze what they say and how they said it and what the actual shooters revealed and said themselves rather than the story they want to create.  

Lastly, with respect to Gun Control and new Laws.  We have laws on the books against murder and against carrying a gun into certain places yet killers like these mentally deficient shooters don't obey laws so what makes you think they will start obeying new ones?   These shooters don't fear death in fact many, like the California shooter, end up killing themselves.  What each of these killers have in common other than a total disrespect for human life is no fear of an afterlife and no fear of Divine Judgment or everlasting punishment, also known as Hell.  Liberals have removed Religion from just about everywhere and have suppressed the Church and almost destroyed Christianity and I believe one cause of what we are experiencing today is a direct result of the elimination of morals in our Nation and the suppression of Religion.  

I'm not saying or promoting the establishment of a Theocracy as that wasn't meant to happen by our founders but our founders did allow teaching of Religion in schools and our founders did respect God as Creator and allowed teaching of Creation in Schools.  Today we teach that life evolves and there is no speciality to it, we just prevail and dominate, survival of the fittest.  No eternal judgment, no God, no speciality to life, not made in God's Image and we should remove the 10 Commandments from everywhere as that violates separation of Church and State.  Also we shouldn't consider that violent entertainment such as movies or video games could play a part.  No eliminate those possibilities and the very experts that totally exonerate Video games and movies are also sure it's Trump's words that cause this.   If you are going to exclude everything but guns then you have not taken any step to solve the problem.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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