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Taco Garage is now open and has been super busy lately as people rush to try it.   One thing that many people will find attractive is they serve alcoholic beverages to go with whatever food you order but since I don't drink I can't comment on their selection in that area.  I have tried three of their proteins or meats which was the beef, the chicken and the steak.  The Chicken and the Steak were a bit spicy but tasted great.  One of the best things I found was the crinkle cut fries and they are just great alone or even better if you get them loaded up (aka Mexican Fries).  

There is a small learning curve because when you enter there is a shelf along the wall that has papers that are filled out by the customers to indicate everything they want and whether or not the order is for "eat-in" or "carry out".  From there you customize your order so if it's messed up it's easy to tell who made the mistake.  Once you have your order there are condiments over by the drink machines and what looks like catchup bottles are actually taco sauce.  As for the drinks, their tea (sweet and unsweet) are both very good. 

All in all Taco Garage is a winner, in my opinion, and I've liked everything I've had there.  The owners are the same owners that have the franchise for Buffalo Wild Wings here in Florence.  It's certainly worth a try but most of the time prepare yourself to wait because this place is quite popular and parking is not so plentiful.   

On the con side (as in pro and con) I will say that you will save a little money if you go to Rosies and purchase the three choice dinner entree for around $10.50 because at Rosies you get chips and salsa as well as rice and beans with your order.  At Taco Garage you can get three tacos (beef & Chicken for $2.50 ea and Steak for $3.50) around $7.50-$10.50 but comes with no chips or rice.  Everything is ordered a la carte and everything has a price.  Still, though Taco Garage is worth a try and I think it's a nice addition to the area's dining selections but I have to say I still favor Rosie's Mexican Cantina and believe it's the best.  Taco Bell is bland, Taco Garage is spicy but the fries are exceptional and worth the trip all alone.   

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I was in the area and made a visit to the Taco Garage. I ordered a single taco just to give it a feel for the taste and price. The total for my single taco was $2.71 which seems a little pricey but had good taste and was available quickly. I wish I had ate it there instead of getting it all over my truck. 

 As for the value I would prefer to go to a sit down place, you can get a better deal at almost any restaurant, but at least it was fast. 

 It seems to be a good concept and I think it will be a good option for the area.

I believe it's priced along the same level as Rosie's Cantina which puts it on a higher end.  You surely got either a chicken of beef taco because there is about a dollar up-charge for Steak, I believe.  They do have a large sit-down area but so far it's usually packed or has been when I've been by.

unclegus posted:

It was after 3 pm when I went. There was nobody there except employees.


I went there yesterday around 7:30 PM and had to wait for a seat to set in.  I had my 11 year old grandson with me and he grabbed a booth near the front window/garage door.  I prefer a booth along the walk in area so there opened up another booth but when I called for him he raised quite a fuss saying he preferred the booth by the garage door instead.  

Didn't take long for me to realize why.  Right beside the booth he was in was a table with about 10 to 12 UNA coeds that easily could've been cheerleaders or one or two could have made a living as an actress.  Wow 11 years old and these girls were in their 20's.  At least he's setting his target high.

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