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There will a talent show at the Ritz Theater January 27 with prize money awarded and it is open to ages and all type of family oriented acts. First prize is $200! Winners will be chosen on an audience vote. It starts a 7 PM and acts can sign up that morning at 10 AM. It should be a lot of fun. If you want more information it is called the Shoals Talent Showcase Competition and you can contact the producers at I hear it might be a monthly event.
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I attended the talent show at the Ritz last night. Nice family event, great venue. Lots of great talent, the winners being a dance troupe. But, I was impressed my a young lady from the Central area, Kristyn Crosslin. Her first public performance, played guitar and sang a song she wrote about a friend who had passed on. Her voice and style reminded me of young country star Taylor Swift.

The other young lady who blew me away was Lauren Stroud. She is a UNA student from Virginia, majoring in music education. A past winner of Big River Broadcasting's QUEST FOR FAME contest, Lauren wowed the audience with a Faith Hill song, LET ME LET GO. Although not an official winner in the contest, Lauren quickly caught the attention of a local producer in attendance. If you get the chance to hear this young lady sing at area venues, don't miss it!

Thanks to Shoals Talent group and the Ritz for a great evening of entertainment. Hopefully, there will be another in the near future!
Attended Talent Show
I found the show very entertaining, along with some very spirited performers. I do think the judging should be done different thou. The audience should be one vote of 4, with independent judges experienced in the entertainment field making the decisions as to the winners.
The above writer was correct about Lauren Stroud. She should have been number 2 at least...While the dance team were good, they should not have been chosen as number 1...the deck was stacked, in that, there were more parents, and grandparents there, and they carried the slanted vote...
I look forward to the next show...
I totally agree about the voting. It was very obvious who the winner would be...But, Lauren Stroud is a very talented young lady, and I think it is only a matter of time until she emerges as one of Nashville's most promising artists. Maybe it won't be long until we can buy a Lauren Stroud cd, heard she does a rockin version of BOBBY MCGEE! I will certainly be waiting for her next performance in the Shoals!
I know what you mean about the voting, however, I also know that the rules of the competition state that the winner one month cannot win the next month or more than 3 times within a calendar year. I think the organizers realize the conflict with having a large group or a very popular contestant competing each month. They are trying to make it possible for as many acts as possible to have a chance each month and not the same act winning all the time. Since this is new I'm sure they are trying to find out what works best and they might re-evaluate their voting process if it gets to be a problem.
I am so glad to read the positive feedback on the talent show. This can be an asset to downtown Sheffield, and the Ritz. Hopefully, this month's show will feature even more acts than the first one.

About the voting process, if the number of acts do increase with time, maybe Cool organizers of the event would consider categorizing the acts..

Manda, it's great you are thinking of entering, and I believe we will see Miss Lauren Stroud in the contest again. She really deserves the recognition, and very well could be the "next big thing" to emerge from the Muscle Shoals music scene. By way of Virginia, that is!

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