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By Barbara Liston

 ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - A teenage boy who had been posing as a doctor at a Florida hospital and nearby doctor's office for about a month was caught after a concerned patient turned him in, police said on Friday.

    Security guards at St. Mary's Medical Center told West Palm Beach police the boy was known at the hospital as a doctor and had been seen entering a secured area, according to a police incident report.

The boy, whose name and age were not released by police, had never seen patients at the hospital, which is investigating the apparent breach, St. Mary’s spokeswoman Shelly Weiss said.

The boy's adventure came to an end on Tuesday when a patient at a doctor's office next to the hospital informed staff of a child in an exam room wearing a St. Mary's white lab coat with "anesthesiology" embroidered on the front, according to the police report.

A spokesman for the doctor's office did not return a message seeking comment.

Police reported that the boy at one point also wore a stethoscope and a mask.

Officers met with staff in the hospital wings where the boy was seen and found no evidence that a crime was committed, the police report said.

Police and the hospital agreed not to prosecute the boy after his mother told them he was under a doctor's care and had refused to take his medicine for an unspecified illness, according to the report.

(Editing by Jonathan Kaminsky)


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