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You know, I haven't been on here lately and I had HOPED that "Jennifer" had joined ferrellj in the afterlife of Foxophile madness but I see "she, he or it" is still around.


And spouting non-sense as usual.  The point of this thread is????????


There are "black" republicans out there???????


Well yes, we all have seen Herman Cain and his minstrel show (complete with gospel DVD's for sale) and of course there is another BLACK presidential candidate that seems like EXEMPLIFIES all of the craziness of rethugliteacons embodied in one character:  Jimmy McMillan "THE RENT IS TOO **** HIGH" candidate from New York!  (Why don't you teabaggers and rethugs ever drag old "Jimmy" out as your example of a BLACK REPUBLICAN????????????????)


Hold hand "Jennifer" and "Skippy" as your rethugliteacon party drives the country off a cliff.

Well rockhead, just what nonsense would that be? And what are you doing here yourself? I read your big "farewell speech" where you were going off to get married and live happily ever after. Are things to the point now where people can't write their opinions if they're black and Republican? I know you are very limited mentally but I will tell you once more, I am a Republican, not a Tea Party member, and I couldn't tell you the last time I watched Fox because i can't remember. But I also do not watch CNN or any of the other lefty news outlets. And Rocky, for it to be "nonsense" it sure put your undies in a wad.

Originally Posted by Jennifer:

And Rocky, for it to be "nonsense" it sure put your undies in a wad.


I am a married man now and you are going to have to give up your obsession with my underwear.


 What is the point of this tread???


That is the question I was asking and you failed to answer, as usual.  I simply injected a little humor about how it is really funny that republicans trot out black poster children when convenient.


But if it makes you feel better, be my guest.


Blacks constitute 6% of the Republican party according to the Pew Research poll, so spotlight one every now and then.  I was just wondering WHY you feel the need to start a thread about it.

Well gee rocky, it is self explanatory. If you could comprehend what you read you would understand what I said-long read but worth it. I enjoyed it, I shared it. What's the "point" to any of the threads? Give up my obsession with your undies? Do you even understand what obsession means? Or "figure of speech"? I thought you were a big grownup smart college man. Guess not.

Originally Posted by skippy delepepper:

I just thought I would play the race card and bring this Thread up again.



Unless you are a black republican (and you may be for all I know, ALTHOUGH MAN, would THAT be a stretch, a BLACK MORMON REPUBLICAN IN UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I don't see how this is really "playing the race card".  This is just "show and tell" for the republicans to every now and then trot out a black for some reason to show there  actually ARE some in the party.


Kind of like democrats do Southern Baptists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by interventor1212:

I've know a number of black republicans, usually well educated.  A number of famous blacks were republican -- Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind.


As to Jimmy McMillan, he's an entertaining cuss, but believes in rent control -- that makes him a democrat.

No, as much as the republican party MAY want to deny Jimmy McMillan, he is officially a candidate for president in 2012 as a registered republican.  Of course, you could invoke the "RINO" rule on him I guess that is so popular with the teabaggers.


Fight amongst yourselves.

The date on the article is July 27th 2011. That is when I read it. Rant and foam all you want. The woman is black, so what? She is a Republican, and wrote a very interesting article. So how do you figure anyone "trotted her out"?  I really doubt anyone forced her to do the article, it seems to me she had an opinion and wanted to give it.  IF this woman had been white and relating her life as a democrat, you wouldn't have made one peep about the article. I'd rather invoke the PINO on obama.

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