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General Education Development (GED)

The GED test is offered monthly. It is designed for individuals who did not finish high school. GED test preparation courses are offered by the Adult Education Office in Muscle Shoals. Applicants may contact the Adult Education Office by calling 331-5440. Applicants must register in advance to take the exam by coming to the Center for Academic Advising and Retention Services in Room 110 of Keller Hall. Applicants should bring $50 in cash, a picture ID and a social security card to register.

Call 256-765-4722 for information about when the GED is offered.

Useful tips for taking the GED can be found at

I would call either of those number listed and see what they tell you.
Thanks DixieChik. Your information helps. I went to Keller Hall and was told I had to go to another building. The GED office told me they only register people two days prior to the test and only between 10:00 and 12 noons. I have a job and can't be there at that time. I can register at when I get off at 1:00 each day, though. UNA needs to allow registering more often and they need to give the test more than once a month. I live close to Lexington and do not want to have to go over to Muscle Shoals. I thought GEDs were to help people, not prevent them from moving on.
If you are able to register at NWSCC at a more convenient time, drive over to Colbert Cty, and I will take you out to eat as my guest. I will be out of pocket until Dec. 10 so it will have to be after that. I spent a lot of time helping people that had been treated outrageously at UNA and had come to NWSCC to get a start on their education! Don't quit! EM
NWSCC is much more accommodating in ALL areas than UNA. Their staff is also very understanding when adults go back to school that they have lives outside their classes unlike the frat/sorority students at UNA.

Also, although NWSCC is basically "put down" many times in this area because they are a community college, I can assure you that the education you will receive there is first rate. I have gone to UNA before and was once on a full scholarship to Birmingham-Southern College and actually feel that I am gaining more practical knowledge at NWSCC that will help me find good employment after I graduate. Of my friends who went to NWSCC and those who went to a 4 year institution such as UNA, the graduates from NWSCC (with only a 2-year degree)have had much better success in finding employment in their field.
As an alumnus and in higher education, I apologize for her actions. I hope that you also realize that it is most likely just a clerk and not a salaried employee of the University of North Alabama.

UNA serves a very different function from NWSCC
or Calhoun or UAH. It is a liberal arts university whose emphasis is on teaching and turning out graduates for graduate school or a beginning career in public education from K-12.

UAH is a major reseach university, like UA or UAB or Auburn. They offer graduate and postgrad education as well as undergrad bachelors. This (churning out undergrads) is their cashcow. The graduate depts. are much more expensive to maintain than just a handfull of teaching assts. and a few dozen instructors per college for undergrad.

Any school that has a working community is more apt to be more understanding than one without, sorry, but that is the way it is.

But none of this excuses rudeness and the fact that you were expected to know unwritten in house "rules" as you most likely have not yet taken the mind reading class yet. I would have told this to the rude lady. It is amazing what this statement will do to set their opinion of you turned around.
Originally posted by ms. wonka:
My daughter went to NWSCC to get her GED. Everyone there was great. She goes on the 30th to take her compass test,goes to orientation on the 1st. and starts college in Jan.Did I mention she's only 16? Yep, she's just that smart!!1

Awesome! Sounds like you did a good job. May I ask what field she is going into?

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