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The numbers: The cost of living leaped in June by the largest amount since 2008 as inflation spread more broadly through the U.S. economy, raising fresh questions about whether the spike in prices will subside as quickly as the Federal Reserve predicts.

The consumer price index climbed 0.9% last month, the government said Tuesday. The cost of used cars accounted for more than one-third of the increase, but prices for food, energy, clothing, plane tickets and hotels also rose sharply.

The increase easily exceeded forecasts. Economists polled by The Wall Street Journal had estimated a 0.5% advance.

The rate of inflation in the 12 months ended in June climbed to 5.4% from 5%. The last time prices rose that fast was in 2008, when oil hit a record $150 a barrel.

More of the "inmates are running the asylum".

Crime rates are skyrocketing in cities across the country in the fallout from radical liberals’ “Defund the Police” movement and in Baltimore, Maryland, where the shortage of law enforcement has become unendurable, tax payers may be left to foot the bill for the city’s negligence.

The Baltimore Police Department has requested federal officers be sent to the city to help combat the uptick violent crime.

“The ask is for federal agents to come help us. Certainly, police officers will answer citizens calls for service. But I think what the bigger picture meant is federal agents will be on the streets of Baltimore. Not specifically patrolling, but on the streets helping, working side by side with police officers to help fight violent crime,” Baltimore police Commissioner Michael Harrison said according to WBAL-TV

Last year, the Baltimore City Council approved more than $22 million in cuts to the Baltimore police department, caving to the woke calls to defund the police. A spokesman for the mayor at the time confirmed that he was going to approve the budget cuts.

Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durken is calling for more police after six shootings over the weekend and a loss of 250 officers within the last 17 months has left her city in chaos.

Five of the six weekend shootings occurred within blocks of one another and left four people dead and seven injured in their wake.

“As a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers,” Mayor Durkan said at a press conference. “Over the past 17 months, the Seattle Police Department has lost 250 police officers which is the equivalent of over 300,000 service hours. We’re on path to losing 300 police officers.”

Like other Democrat-run metropolitan cities across America, Seattle has seen a drastic reduction in the size of their police force, losing 20 percent of its officers who cite an “anti-police climate” in the city as the prime mover for quitting or retiring early.

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