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@JH1961 posted:

CRT is just so much BS. I was never a fan of home schooling but now it sure looks as if it is better than the 'nothing related to giving kids an education' indoctrination they are trying to push in schools. Parents need to get their kids in private schools or homeschool them to keep them from being indoctrinated by a bunch of liberal idiots. One good thing though...plenty of kids are seeing CRT for the bull it is.

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Lets tell the real story....
The school was displaying a series of posters on various issues... one of those posters was accredited to BLM. Republicans didn't read the actual story, they just listened to what Faux News Entertainment told them to be angry about ... and ran with it.

Critical Race Theory has been around since the late 60s. It started in Law Schools and has filtered down to the general population over the last 60 years.

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