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so many times I have heard there isn't a challenge at the border. Add the number of cities that have said "we are a sanctuary" .  Now Biden making excuses to build more wall.  Martha's vineyard turns away illegals.  NYC crying they can't take anymore, NY gov. crying no more.  Chicago crying.  They all have only seen a small number that Texas has seen.

While congress does nothing, vote them all out.

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But, but, but, 1130, this is diversity and the illegals are only coming here for a better life and jobs other Americans won't do!! More Americans keeping their children out of school and putting them on the subways to harass people would do away with the need for illegals and their kids having to do it.

Unaccompanied migrants kids are selling candy in NYC subways (

Unaccompanied migrants kids seen selling candy in NYC subways: ‘Shameful, disgusting, blatant child abuse’

Young girl who exited the C train alone with candy on the Columbus Circle C train platformYoung girl selling candy on the Columbus Circle B train platformScreen shot from a video showing a young girl selling candy on the C train posted to twitter by @bronxilla


Yes, kid's better life in the US. How odd it looks like the life they left in Mexico

Mexico considers 'ban' on street children -

Local Customs. - Vallarta InformationSee related image detail. Stream episode Trabajo infantil entrevista by Loanvani Menvalvinpa ...

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