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Crash.Override posted:
Kraven posted:
jtdavis posted:

No Kraven, the original post was about Alabama's governor, house speaker and state supreme court judge being kicked out of office for breaking the law.


Where did all that come from, yes jt, I added more than you or
c.o to this thread. Got it.

just because a topic is obviously above your maturity or intelligence level and you make posts proving it, does not mean you contributed. you've railed against any democrat you can think of.. immigrants of any kind... and anything else off the topic of alabama republiCONs being removed from office... now, it's all in black and white for all to see... keep on making a fool of yourself. it's what you do best.

You can only wish because you have no hope.

What I do very well is show how gullible you and the lying left have
become since liberals believe all the crap the socialist feed them.
Crash.Override posted:

the difference is what you've actually done is shown that you're a typical trump supporter. ill informed. loud mouthed. and lacking in the facts department. but hey.. obama! or hillary! or benghazi! or whatever the new republiCON outrage is, now that trump's in charge. ha!

Same silly azz liberal tactics accusing everyone of the crap you/they
are guilty. Old hat, but still fits you, especially served up on the
embarrassment for the last eight years and topped off with the
most pathetic pitiful candidate disaster featuring just another obvious    
anti American felon funded by more anti Americans.
Che hillda and her **** for brains losers, only the thugs are proud...

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