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It's not unbelievable at all. I grew up with a beagle.

They're highly intelligent and clever dogs. A wonderful companion for children and adults alike.

Also, they are hounds. They want to roam free. Shame on this dog's owner for caging four of them in such a confined area.

They cannot help but sing with the band whenever a siren or another dog howls....... lol.

Best dog I ever had. And this one is just like mine... could not stand confinement. They're members of the family! Would you confine your kid?

I have one, and he is a big baby. He loves to howl (very much like a hound), and he will eat constantly. He is a big teddy bear, and loves to just lay on the couch. They are smart dogs and can find an escape route if there is any weakness in the system. My dog is named Jack. He is like a big ole kid, who loves to ride with his head out the window and his ears blowing in the wind.

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