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A "haint" is hanging around the GOP, in the form of Mitt Romney.  He will speak at next Month's annual  Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a major convocation of the wing-nut fraternity. The trifurcated GOP (old guard/conservative/Tea Party wackadoodles) can't really seem to take this guy in as any kind of party leader.  They don't have anyone else other than Marco (too young and green) Rubio, Paul (run out his string already) Ryan, or that Jindal guy from Louisiana who believes (correctly) that the GOP is the "stupid party."


Here is a preview of the upcoming Losers Conference:


Here is a list of speakers:


If you need a few good laughs on the Ides of March, this is the place to go.  C-Span usually carries the entire comedy show.  Be sure not to miss Wayne LaPierre, Whiner-in-Chief and Head Fussbudget of the NRA and Allen West, one-term Tea Party congressman and head commie-hunter for the extreme right.


Let the games begin!!

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