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Has anyone else noticed that the hotel in Sheffield 2 doors down from Outback Steakhouse is becoming a Clarion now?


For those that don't know Choice Hotels is a large hotel company that already has 3 of its brands established in the Shoals (Comfort Inn & Suites, Comfort Suites, and Quality Inn). Clarion hotels are known for having a lounge or restaurant at least that is what I understand.


Anyway, I believe Clarion will be the 6th name this hotel has operated under, it was first a Holiday Inn I believe, then it become the Webster Inn & Suites, then it was the Singing River Inn, then it became a national chain again becoming the Jameson Inn, then it became the Radisson. and now it is becoming a Clarion. I wonder why this hotel keeps changing names? And somehow The Fizz lounge inside this hotel remains open with the same name. I know Fizz is a common word but is this restaurant operated by the hotel or is it operated by someone else?

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Br’er Rabbit posted:
seeweed posted:

I don't think it was ever a Webster's . Wasn't Websters at the old Admiral Benbo location at the corner of Hatch and Jackson Hwy ?



SEEWEED!!!!! How you been?!?

Yep, that was Webster, on the corner.

Been fine !  Just got tired of all the negativity on here .  I may have been raised on a battlefield , but I just ain't got that much fight in me .

You doin' ok ?


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