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The Joke in Annapolis: How to Get Out?

by Uri Avnery
The Annapolis conference is a joke. Though not in the least funny.
Like quite a lot of political initiatives, this one too, according to all the indications, started more or less by accident. George Bush was due to make a speech. He was looking for a theme that would give it some substance. Something that would divert attention away from his fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan. Something simple, optimistic, easy to swallow.
Somehow, the idea of a "meeting" of leaders to promote the Israeli-Palestinian "process" came up. An international meeting is always nice – it looks good on television, it provides plenty of photo-opportunities, it radiates optimism. We meet, ergo we exist.
So Bush voiced the idea: a "meeting" for the promotion of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
Without any preceding strategic planning, any careful preparations, anything much at all.
That's why Bush did not go into any details: no clear aim, no agenda, no location, no date, no list of invitees. Just an ethereal meeting. This fact by itself testifies to the lack of seriousness of the entire enterprise.
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Originally posted by skymaster:
Mr. cut and paste at it again. Do you ever think for yourself.

Dear Lord, He is still wanting me to get mad and use bad words. Lord thank you for giving me the strength to bite my tongue. And forgive my brother who does not no any better than to attack me. God, this man tells me I don't believe in you. I question this type person who attacks every post, what kind of authority does he have on Christianity, when Mr.Skymaster is setting bad examples himself on Christianity.
Originally posted by geddon97:
So when someone calls you out about you cut and paste jobs and asked you for an original thought you say your being attacked.Sounds like the battle cry of the worthless generation.

The cut and paste thing is just something that conservatives use when they see posts they don't like. Its a easy way out for conservatives. The dude said, I didn't believe in God in another thread. So, I just said a prayer. You don't have a problem with me praying do you?
Cut and Paste? What does that have to do with anything?

I cut and paste and so do many posters as references and quotes to back up points or make points. The issue here is the phony Mideast "Summit" which has just been "downgraded" (I suppose we would call it) to a meeting.

It's an obvious sham and the world leaders know it's nothing but a photo-op to pressure Abbas into sign away Palestinian rights and land and get some kind of support statement to back up Bush's attack on Iran, since the UN inspectors can't seem to find any WMD again he needs something else.

They are trying desperately to somehow try to salvage something out of George Bush's Mideast disasters.

We are bogged down in a quagmire in Iraq, losing in Afghanistan, Lebanon is fracturing, the Palestinians have two governments, Musharaff declared martial law (again) and is floundering, the extremists are on the rise and the lawyers are leading the people in mass demonstrations, adding to the chaos.

Repression in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan grows as does hatred of the US around the world. Poland and Australia are the latest two "coalition of the willing" (stooges) to be pulling out of Iraq and Bush is rapidly becoming irrelevant in the region.

China and Russia's influence and importance in the region grows.

I also read it is to help Rice win back some sort of credibility after her disastrous support of Israelis bombing of Lebanese civilians and her "birth pangs of Mideast democracy" prediction.

Besides the whole affair being disgusting and an insult to the American people and the people of the region and world the US corporate media continues to act a hired PR firm for the Bush administration and acts like it's some kind of accomplishment while they lead the American people into another disaster.

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