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Here is the truth about White Lies.

Hope Hicks has more integrity and is far more honest than any of the lying politicians on the House “Intelligence” Committee who grilled her for nine hours this week about whether she has ever lied on behalf of her boss, the president of the United States.

Seriously? Are you kidding me?

You have a panel of politicians who lie for a living sitting up on their high chairs interrogating Hope Hicks — an honorable non-politician — about the nature of politics in Washington that they themselves have so utterly disgraced with their own lies and lying political campaigns.

This place is a sewer of lies. I swear, sometimes I think these people take an oath of office when they get up here vowing to never tell the truth, so help them God.

There is not a single person on that House panel interrogating Ms. Hicks who can honestly say they have never lied or told underlings to lie on their behalf in the course of their political careers.


The only difference is that if you asked one of them that question, they would simply lie.

Ms. Hicks is not one of them and so she told the truth.

Sure, she has told some little “white lies.”

As in: “Hope, does this combover cover my bald spot?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

 White lies are the lubricant of civility, the secret to happy marriages. The problem is that the swamp snakes around here have co-opted “white lies” into a means for smearing good people, dodging responsibility and shamelessly seeking personal political gain off the senseless murders of 17 people — mostly children — in a school massacre.

This blurring of the line between white lies and rank black lies is the first delusion of these people around here.

This strange tactic Ms. Hicks used of answering a question truthfully so stunned the swamp politicians that they reacted the only way they know how.

They twisted her testimony into the worst mischaracterization they could think up and then leaked their lies to the press.

All of it goes to the very heart of why President Trump is such a threat to these lying goons around here. Why the professional politicians despise him so much. Why Mr. Trump is such a profound threat to their very existence.

 Mr. Trump is not afraid to hold up a mirror to these people and expose them for exactly who they are. And then he beats them at their own game.
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RiverDance posted:
Just as amazing is after any congressman has been there for
about two years they think/believe the country belongs to them
and not the people. And that's what the people are up against.

Absolutely, This sort of overconfidence in political "destiny" is a good way to get your *ss handed to you in 4 to 8 years from election periods. Unfortunately, these congressional gate keepers, keep blinding their constituents with Black Lies after Black Lies as they pick pocket you... Maybe everyday folks will be able to see through their quagmire to distinguish what Truth looks like. 

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